Roon crashing on Linux with tun inferfaces available (openvpn tun interfaces)

I have recognized that i probably created my topic inside wrong thread , so to make sure it have proper visibility i am linking it also here to the Support thread:

In short - having tun devices active on linux and trying to run RoonServer (core) it crashing and restarting in the endless loop. Stopping openvpn (and therefore putting tun interfaces down) will enable RoonServer to start and work correctly on my Ubuntu-14.04.4

Can this be fixed please?

Why are you running that on a dedicated music server?

I have linux HTPC running Kodi for video and suppose to run RoonServer 24x7. This htpc is also used as firewall/proxy and vpn access @home.
My first option would be to run Roon on the Qnap where anyways all the media resides, however it may take a long while to get Roon running on the Qnap as it seems it’s not working today (in ref. to my other request on this forum).