Roon Crashing on Mac

I’m experiencing crashing on Roon playing Tidal. Somehow opening Tidal menu is slow with the Roon logo moving (indicating searching) and while during this searching period, clicking Tidal’s option such as Playlists, it will exit prematurely.

Hi @hk6230 – I sent you a PM. Take a look at my instructions and we can discuss if you’re still having issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

HI Mike,

Just send another support package using support ID. After downloaded a new Roon and reinstalled on my Mac Mini, it still crashed unexpectedly.

I hope you guys can take a look at my problem again. Thanks.


And, now clicking on Play Album or Playlist, the software won’t respond and won’y play at all. :cry:

Edit: Restarted program with Tidal disabled, select the same album, it starts to play. In the earlier case when iy won’t work, it was after select Play Playlist on Tidal. In any case, since 1b21, Roon is stuttering on local music playing.

Roon 1b29 still crashing out. It’s almost impossible to use Roon now. How do I forward the crash report to you?

Hey @hk6230, sorry for the slow response here. I’m going to PM you and we’ll get some more info.