Roon Crashing on MacM1, lost audio devices, and other thoughts

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I’m wondering why people claim that Roon Cores need at least 16 gb of RAM. My MacBook Air has 8 gb and runs Roon as a core without issues. Rock solid and also happily plays music in the living room all day, while providing access to my M1 MacBook Pro and my Android smartphone.

Does it have to do with the size of someone’s library? Mine is about 30k tracks total. Just under 300 gb.

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That, and whether you want to use DSP and multiroom endpoints… See:

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I don’t believe has anything to do with Apple. I run the Roon Core in a Nucleus and get the same error message (lost control of audio devices). ONLY re-starting the Roon app solves the problem. WiFi refreshing, etc., don’t work. It is a Roon bug.

Yes. Same issue. If I try to skip tracks too fast, the 'lost control" message is guaranteed; and sometimes it happens spontaneously. Roon is very finicky… if I look at it funny, it fails. I’ve considered getting a nuc, installing ROCK, and never touching it again; but I see people have the same problem that way too. This is a Roon issue that needs to be teased-out. It’s maddening.

The only way to run Roon without any problems.

My ROCK NUC i3 has been up for 119 days and thru 2 or 3 Builds.

Then there’s this -

Build 931 on release now & may resolve the crashing problem (not experienced that on my m1).

Just got the Mac Studio M1 Max. Does Roon work stably on M1 Max? Guess I’ll have the answer soon enough.

Separate question, I’ve backed up my Roon Library on a NAS. How does one import this when installing Roon on the new computer. I guess I’m asking where in the Roon installation process is there a prompt for pulling in the latest backed up Roon Library from my old Mac to the Mac Studio?

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Bill Perkins

It’s late but briefly, if you’re talking about the actual Roon backup you would select the restore option, select the appropriate backup and Roon would do the rest.
If you’re talking about reloading the actual music data files you could copy the data files back from the usual folder location then Roon would scan & analyse rthe results

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If you’re lucky. Roon client dies with sigabrt or just plain beachballs like 19 times out of 20 when trying to launch on my Studio Ultra. Once the client is running, it seems stable enough though. Server might be different.

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Thank you. Just doing initial setup tonight. No Roon this evening. Have music data files on Innuos Zenith SE, which (bad practice, I know) is also my Roon core.

Not best pleased to hear this. Will try setting up Roon Client in AM, fingers crossed. Will keep you and others posted. Liking the Mac Studio. You?

I <3 mine. Other than a few apps (like Roon and Plex) which have poor platform support, it has been doing everything I need it to, and extremely fast at that.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s what the Zen was designed for :+1:t3:

Not great practice to have Roon Core on it, though.

It was designed to run the Roon core & store the data files so I don’t see any particular problem.
I wouldn’t think twice about using it for both. :thinking:

From the horse’s mouth -


OK, fair point, it does appear that information in reviews/specs was either misleading or downright wrong. I suspect the issues regarding licensing (last year?) prompted removal of partner status.

That said, if it works as a core then the only issue is support. :thinking:

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Thank you xxx. That’s what I recalled from previous discussions. There are some performance problems in the audio quality, such that listening to the Zenith SE with InnuOS sense is a noticeably better experience, particularly in offline mode. I’m not casting aspersions on Roon, since I’m not following best practices. Just following fewest moving parts practice.

Since I love the Zenith SE, what would be my workaround for a Roon Core? A Nuc seems excessive since all I’d be using it for is controlling selections and playback from the Zenith SE, where the music data resides. I’d like to follow best Roon practices, since I’m a lifetime subscriber and thoroughly enjoy what it offers.

Installed Roon on Mac Studio M1 Max. Seamless. I was a bit concerned, but it required no actions on my part except to choose the Audio. Excellent. Thank you for reassurance re: the Roon Database Backups. Had heard some have had problems with Roon installation on M1-based Macs. I expect that I’ve benefited from prior users experiences and Roon Support’s excellent responses.