Roon Crashing when opening certain Artist pages (Tidal causing crash)

Hi there, Roon keeps crashing when I try and open certain Artist pages. The problem is linked to Tidal, if I log out of Tidal the problem goes away. Using a Nucleus as a Roon Core. The problem is with the windows app on my desktop PC (have not tried iphone or ipad). I am currently logged out of Tidal now and Roon is working perfectly. Roon almost unusable if logged into Tidal.

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Hi, @Richard_Lane, thank you for the report. Could you, please, tell which artists are affected by that issue? Is this happening on your Core machine or one of your remotes?



Hi Ivan. Thanks for getting back to me. I have a nucleus as my core machine. And the crashes happen on my windows laptop which acts as a remote. I have had Tidal turned off since this started to happen to me. I just turned it back on now and will let you know what artists it crashes for when it happens.

Hi @ivan it is now crashing on the roon home screen when I use the windows roon app on my laptop. iphone and ipad apps absolutly fine.

Hi Richard: Thank you for bringing this up! I have the same problem. Last with the “George Michael” artist page. This happened with a Mac and iOS. Here are some of my setup details:

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 10, i5
Western Digital 250 GM WE Blue SN550 NVMe Internal SSD
Crucial RAM 8GM DDR4 2666 MHz CL19
Operation System Version 1.0 (build 227)
HDD attached via USB for stored audio files.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity Gateway attached to Netgear GS108PP switch. Core attached to switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Allo Digione Signature
2017 iMac Retina 5K, 3.5 GHz Quad-Core intel i5
Apple TV 2nd generation

Hi, @Richard_Lane, thank you for the reply. Could you, please, share logs from your windows machine?

@michael_o, could you, please, tell if that crash with George Michael is consistent for your?



Hi. Yes I will try and do that. Is there a guide for how to share logs from windows machines? I reviewed the FAQs but could not see any instructions. thanks.

The steps to share logs are listed here in the Overview section, and the article also shows the location for the logs on Windows machines…

Hello Ivan: The crash with George Michael is consistent with my Mac and intermittent with iOS. I reinstalled Roon on my Mac, but that didn’t help. I followed Richard’s advice, and disabled the Tidal connection, and the Mac app stopped crashing. I can successfully see the George Michael page with Tidal disabled.

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Hi @Geoff_Coupe that is useful and will help me creat logs from my Nucleus core. However, I think @ivan asked for logs from my windows machine. Any idea how to do that? thanks!

Follow the instructions for the Windows Core location - it is the same location in the Windows Roon client.

Sorry for a late reply, @Richard_Lane. The logs, which I asked for, are Roon logs, you can find an article how find them if you follow [this article](https://Logs as @Geoff_Coupe suggested.

@michael_o, could you, please, follow the instruction and sent me logs form your macOS machine too?



HI @ivan . sorry for the delay with this. Roon on windows still crashes for me when logged into Tidal. It last crashed on 18:52 on 10th Feb. I have found the log files on my windows pc and the link is shared below:

I’m having the same but i use Qobuz (Using the Windows Player, linux core running as a docker in unraid), it started sporadically and is now happening more and more on seemingly random artists, artists that have recently worked .

This is all that’s in the log before the crash occurs.

02/15 11:30:49 Debug: KEYDOWN: BROWSERBACK
02/15 11:30:49 Debug: testing key with win_main(185)
02/15 11:30:49 Debug: UI-BACK: mode: albumdetails
02/15 11:30:49 Debug: GMS: saving nav stack
02/15 11:30:49 Debug: window handled key
02/15 11:30:49 Trace: DisposeReusableCellCache: scrollpanel(2346), 0 disposed from cache.
02/15 11:30:49 Debug: unhandled selection type: 
02/15 11:30:49 Debug: GMS: done saving nav stack
02/15 11:30:49 Trace: [broo/images] caching etag=b48997d764d12003576dc83b2b36a1022b29cb67 expiration=17/02/2022 1:30:49 AM
02/15 11:30:49 Trace: [broo/images] caching etag=d3edd13e6ba2fa380d99b86cd5030392f596a2b7 expiration=17/02/2022 1:30:49 AM
02/15 11:30:49 Trace: [broo/images] caching etag=4f6eab8b86c1eb60b96537f86ef0f696a79c7d4b expiration=17/02/2022 1:30:49 AM
02/15 11:30:49 Trace: [broo/images] caching etag=23f27c5087765c373b44d98c165941c2056160e4 expiration=17/02/2022 1:30:49 AM
02/15 11:30:49 Trace: [broo/images] caching etag=147e64017fcdbfaaf17a5395ec6f0c6d1694ec87 expiration=17/02/2022 1:30:49 AM
02/15 11:30:51 Trace: Successful POST response from
02/15 11:30:51 Trace: [push] connecting to
02/15 11:30:51 Trace: [push] connected
02/15 11:30:51 Info: [ui] performerdetails.load
02/15 11:30:51 Debug: UI-FWD: mode: artistdetails
02/15 11:30:51 Debug: GMS: saving nav stack
02/15 11:30:51 Debug: UI-NAV: artist details / performer: [object Sooloos_Broker_Api_PerformerLite_Proxy] / bookmarkdata: 
02/15 11:30:51 Debug: unhandled selection type: 
02/15 11:30:51 Info: [ui] load discover boxes
02/15 11:30:51 Debug: unhandled selection type: 
02/15 11:30:52 Debug: unhandled selection type: 
02/15 11:30:55 Info: [stats] 5554mb Virtual, 287mb Physical, 51mb Managed, 1566 Handles, 91 Threads

This particular instance was for an artist that I didn’t have in my library, purely remote qobuz browsing but I have had this issue with artists that I have in my local library that I went back to browse and app would randomly crash.

Still occurring for me after updating to Build 903

yes. me too. crashed on the home page for me, everytime. no problem with iphone or ipad. only crashes on windows laptop

Ok I managed to resolve this by following an answer from an older thread that had a similar issue.

  1. Navigate to the Roon installation folder
  2. Rename the folder to Roon-old
  3. Reinstall client

It seems to me like some local files get corrupted over time and cause this behaviour with the desktop clients.

any idea how to do this on a Mac? I have same issue with the artist loading (Roon with Qobuz in my case). Redicoulous to see why we need to have to raise these issues. It seems a lot of us are dealing with an unresponsive Roon client stopped just before the weekend…

My guess is this will be in the user library folder somewhere

Found a workaround. On my iPhone Roon works. So on my iPhone I logged out from Qobuz and now Roon continues on MacOS. Feels a little clumsy if you ask me. This is not a $9,95 app. Its a $9,95 subscribed app which we may expect more of. I’m also surprised there is no community announcement of issues with the infra.