Roon cursor will not play anyhting but just keeps moving down the album playlist to the end

Roon Core Machine

Core is a Small Green Computer i7 with ethernet hookup throughout to a remote setup on a 2017 iMac that then sends a signal to a SGC Optical Module and then on to a SGC Optical rendu, then to a iFi Zen DAC V2 and then to Audioengine H6 desktop speakers.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Please see above.

Connected Audio Devices

Please see above

Number of Tracks in Library

3787 albums

Description of Issue

I just (1/19/2023) updated my Roon program, which it says was, and now again is, the latest 2.0 build 1193. After that update, I have not been able to play anything because the play cursor keeps constantly and quickly dropping down the list of items to play (classical music albums) without stopping until it disappears at the end of the page. The play cursor NEVER plays anything now. I cannot even find anyone metioning a similar probem. Roon is silent. I have tried for a LONG time. I am quite fristrated and do not know how to proceed. I am not vary adept at this. Thank you for any help you can give me.

This is usually a symptom of the settings you have for the audio device you are using for playback being misconfigured, or that one of the items in the audio chain needs rebooting (e.g. a DAC).

I’d take @Geoff_Coupe advice and reboot everything from the network outward.

Thank you all. I had restarted/rebooted most, but not all, of the devices right back to the ethernet out of the wall. This time I rebooted everythng for sure. I guess the optical Rendu in particular has trouble connecting to Roon at times. I had to restart everything and then again restart the SGC Optical Module Deuxe and the Optical Rendu again after that, as I have had to do before. It finally got everything sounding great! Thanks.

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