Roon cuts out fairly frequently [Resolved]

I’ve been using Roon for about 6 weeks or so and love it. The only significant problem I’ve encountered so far is with dropping out. It always recovers, but the music will suddenly stop completely for a few seconds in the middle of a song. I don’t know much about wifi but it reminds me of a buffering problem from a few years ago when the internet was really slow. This happens about 2-4x a week if I use Roon say 4-7x per week.

Our wifi connection here isn’t fantastic, but I believe that’s due to the internet connection itself rather than wifi. We live in the countryside of Scotland, we get about 7mbps, and can lose internet access completely for a few minutes during high winds or a storm. But isn’t Roon running internally?

I have a WD Mycloud for NAS, a BlueSound Node 2, and Roon is running on my Macbook Air. The remote is usually my Nexus 5+ phone, but sometimes an iPad Air 2. I don’t stream from a streaming service, just stream my CDs loaded on the Mycloud.


How is your WD connected to your Macbook? As a test, try copying some music to the Macbook and playing that, do you still get dropouts?

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Hi @James_Newman ----- Thank you for the report and the feedback. Both are appreciated! As Daniel has mentioned, testing with some locally stored music is a good starting point in order to determine if this issue will continue to manifest itself under different circumstances (i.e eliminating the NAS from the equation).

Furthermore, we have good documentation in our knowledge base on what can cause audio dropouts to occur and the best methods for troubleshooting them. Can you give the article a read and let me know what you’ve tried thus far?


Hi Rugby, it’s all connected by wifi. The WD is wired to the router, then the macbook and remotes are both connected by wifi. I’ve always played music on my macbook and never had a a drop out.
But do you mean moving music back to my macbook rather than the WD, redirecting Roon to the macbook, and playing it through the Node 2?

thanks, I’ll check those out before getting back in touch.

Thanks for the follow up @James_Newman, looking forward to your feedback.

What Daniel was proposing in his post was to simply test with some locally stored content, in order to determine if the issue would still occur with the NAS taken out of the equation. If you already have locally stored music and are not having any dropouts when you are streaming it, there is no need to move anything from the NAS.


I’ve been away for the past few weeks, but just a quick update: I think the issue is, as suggested in the KB, that I was overloading my RAM by having too much open. Roon uses a lot of resources, as does Apple Music; if they’re both open there could be a problem. I also use Dashlane to store passwords, and lately it has had problems dominating both CPU and memory. So it could also be that. So far, if I shut down everything except Roon, the problem isn’t repeating.

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Hi @James_Newman ---- Thank you for following up with me and sharing your most recent observations with us. I am glad to hear things have been stable since closing any additional background process while working with Roon. Please let me know if anything else comes up and I will be glad to lend a hand. Happy listening!