Roon cutting out - just started

Hi, I’ve been using Roon for some time and love it, though I’d love Roon to add Dezzer as a source.

Anyway all was good until I retuned from a holiday (between 18 and 29 Feb 18) to find all tracks kept cutting out - assumed it was to do with mu ubnt network so upgraded the firmware but this did not fix the issue. I also noticed I had no trouble streaming video.

So to test I tried playing tracks directly via TIDAL and Dezzer and discover they did not drop out leaving me to assume the issue is with Roon.

Just tagging @support for you - guess they’ll need the normal info as per I’m having a problem with Roon -- where do I report it? . This is probably a silly question but have you tried rebooting your Roon Core as well as all the network appliances? Sometimes seems to help with these issues.


Thanks dhusky and yes did a reboot but did not help. Just dowloaded and update and so fa no dropout - fingers crossed.

Ops - spoke to soon - just dropped out again.

Hmm, given it was working fine before, you have rebooted everything since and (I’m assuming?) made no other hardware/os updates I’m not too sure what else to suggest…will have to leave to @support or more experienced members.