Roon deleted albums from my Tidal account [Solved]

I added albums from Tidal to my Roon library. Now when I use my Tidal account separately like at the gym those albums are nowhere to be found in Tidal. Please help fix my Tidal account.

Hi Joe,

A couple of questions. Are you saying that the albums are not showing in My Music in Tidal? Can you find an album by searching for it in Tidal? Are you using wifi at the gym or selecting Offline Content in Tidal.

Cheers, Greg

The albums do not show up under the artist in my music on tidal. When i search in tidal itself for those artists the album section is blank. They do show up under my albums in tidal or if I search directly for the album. It makes using tidal very hard compared to how it was. And when I delete those same albums in Roon they do not show back up in tidal. I was using the gym as an example. The same happens when I’m on my home network. I don’t use offline content.

Can you give us an example and what country you are in?

This is strange. Maybe @Mike can help.

Cheers, Greg

Just so you know, when you add a Tidal album in Roon, all it does is favourite that album in Tidal. It doesn’t favourite the Artist. So, any Tidal albums added from Roon will only show up under Albums in My Music in Tidal.

However, if you bring up an Artist in Tidal, all their albums should show up, favourites and non favourites.

Cheers, Greg

yes i understand that…However when i search artists in tidal that I have played with in roon their album listings are empty. Deal breaker for me. Too bad cause I love Roon otherwise.

That’s strange cause there’s no way for Roon to affect what is displayed in the Tidal app, other than favouriting an album and having it show in My Music.

Maybe wait for @Mike to help.

Cheers, Greg

Joe, that sounds really odd. Would you mind posting a screen grab of exactly what you see?

No Albums. But all her albums were
there before I added them to my library in Roon.

I suggest this is a Tidal app issue. It is weird.
As noted above, adding to Roon just means marking as a favourite.
I wonder I anyone else can see the same thing happening ?

Additional…I just did some favouriting in the Tidal iPad app. Nothing to do with Roon. It is definitely weird. The albums listed under the artist go a bit crazy when you add an album as fave. Same when you un-fave. Albums disappear. Show up twice. All a bit nuts.

Headsup Pal…you may want to take a look at this.

Try using the web player instead of the app and see if you get the same result.

I agree it seems like a Tidal app issue.

I’m try to recreate the issue, but I’m getting a “Bad Network” error when I try and open the app. I should say I’m having problems with the Mac OS X app.

Cheers, Greg

When you ‘delete’ a Tidal album in Roon it also removes it as a favorite in Tidal, so that’s expected. If you have done this to the albums that you’re missing then that might explain it.

For Sinéad O’Connor there are a couple of misspelled artist name versions in our database. Make sure you look at the right one. All the albums are there. Correct artist item is I’ll ask someone to clean up.

Good catch Pal.

Looks like @joe_viola picked the bad one, the one without the apostrophe after the O in O’Connor.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @palbratelund Would this explain why the albums by list changes when you fave or unfave some albums?
I will try a post some screen grabs

Hi @palbratelund, while you’re at it, could you have them fix 54-40 too? They also show as 54*40 and 54 40.

This is an Allmusic problem I think.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks everyone. You all have fixed my issues. Thanks a bunch.

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No. This is nothing I have ever heard about. When you do stuff in Roon, the only thing it affects is your collection in My Music. How album lists are done in artist view is never ever controlled by anything in Roon. Examples would help. :smile:

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Will do. We use same source as Allmusic for a lot of things.