Roon Device Setup Issue with Matrix Audio Element I DSD256 Support (ref#KLDFCQ)

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I hav a Roon-ready Matrix Audio Element I running with Roon server running on a QNAP NAS. Everything works great except one thing: Roon device setup for the Matrix Audio Element I caps DSD sampling at 128 bit / 5.6 MHz, while the device supports 256 bit / 11.2 MHz according the specs linked below -- would you be able to update your device driver to include DSD256? (pls see 6.1 Audio file formats and sampling rate supported)


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Unifi UDM Pro

Hi @floppydisk,

Thanks for writing in!

I can confirm that Roon is seeing the proper format option from the Matrix, how do you have the device connected with your Roon Server machine? If you could, please attempt to play a track and share the date, time, and track name.

We’ll be able to take a closer look from there. :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

I have Roon Mac connected to Roon server on QNAP Nas over local network. I just played a DSD256 track, at 5:57PM on 6/27/24 named “On Every Street” – adding a screenshot with some details below.


Have you verified with matrix that it is supposed to accept dsd256 over ethernet?

It might be set to only do DoP which would mean 128 DSD is the playback limit.

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Waiting for the response from Matrix Audio’s support and will revert. But in the meantime it looks like it plays DSD256 via JRiver over DLNA - pls see screenshots below. Also, adding the manual that suggests DSD256 support


Hi Benjamin,

Matrix’s answer below suggests that Element I model supports DSD256 via Ethernet. I also could verify that myself playing DSD256 tracks via JRiver on DLNA. I am not sure if it was via DoP or Native but i was able to change volume on the Matrix DAC.

Posting Matrix’s support answers below:


element i only supports DSD 5.6MHz through Roon. Roon is one of the streaming methods through Ethernet connection.

If you put music in your NAS, add the network drive to your element i through SMB sahrging folder, then you’ll play DSD up to 11.2MHz.


The DSD spec limit in Roon is due to the comprehensive capability of element i.

Thank you!


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Hi @floppydisk,

Based on a pdf manual found, the Element may need an HDMI connection in order to play DSD w/ DoP encoding:

(page 20)