Roon Diagnostics

Roon Core Machine

SonicTransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UpTone Etheregen

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio Directstream DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

75,000 tracks

Description of Issue

When running Roon diagnostics I get error msgs on “dirty” tracks or artists
Should I run this regularly somehow ? is this a problem in my DB ?

Hey @Ori_Onn,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for taking the time to write in!

If possible, please include a screenshot of the issue you’re running into. With that, next time this issue occurs, please include a timestamp (date, time) so our team can enable diagnostics on your account to take a deeper look.

If possible, are you able to provide your Database and broker2.db sizes?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Hi @Benjamin,
See below pls.

Where do I take those sizes from ?

Hey @Ori_Onn,

My apologies here. Are you able to better describe the issue you’re having?

"Dirty” is a technical term, not a problem. A dirty object is one that needs to be re-computed or re-indexed. Just about everything you do in Roon dirties some things and then cleans them again… Outside reference

Nothing to worry about when seeing instances of that in logs.

Hi @Benjamin
I’m not experiencing currently any issue with the functionality of Roon
I was just running the diagnostics and wondering what these messages meant and if they point to some hidden potential problem
Is it worthwhile running the diagnostics regularly ? there is no mention of them in the KnowledgeBase so I just wonder if there is some maintenance/optimization/cleanup routine for Roon that should be run by the user from time to time.

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Hey @Ori_Onn,

Great question! There’s no need for you to manually run any diagnostics on your end. Roon does a good job of keeping things up to date in that regard. If you ever do run into issues with Roon, examining your application logs can be helpful to pinpoint what might be going on at the time of the issue.

That said, that’s also why we’re here!

I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now, but if you do run into any hiccups down the road, feel free to start a new thread and tag support or myself, and we’ll be there to help :+1:

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