Roon & Dirac integration again

(W K W) #21

It seems that in your setup you would need to have Dirac on the machine where ROON Server is running, presumably on the NAS. But I am not sure an i5 can cope with an additional workload.

(Nick Allen) #22

Cool. So let’s say that I set up a more robust machine, running RoonServer, a quad-core i-7, so how then does one “point” Dirac to Roon and have it solidly work?

In other words, maybe others would like to know how it works, as well. Of course not everyone will want to run RoonServer, but it’s quite a novel concept to me in that apparently I can keep my mRendu end-point and have my cake and eat it, too, with room correction to go along with my minimal room treatment.

(Kal Rubinson) #23

After installing Roon and DiracLive, choose your mRendu as the output device for DL. Then, choose DiracLive as the output device in Roon.

(W K W) #24

Kal already mentioned it. DL appears as an AudioCard/Device in Roon>Audio settings. There you can choose it. Then you point DL to your next audio device (a cascade of audio cards, so to say).


I wish this was possible. Afaik, you can’t choose a mRendu, or SOtM, or any other Roon bridge/endpoint, as an output device for Dirac Live.Dirac needs to see an actual audio driver/device attached to the pc it’s running on. I believe that this severely diminishes it’s value proposition going forward. They need to figure out a way to export convolution filters or something.

(Nick Allen) #26

Well, all of this makes it sounds like peeps are already doing it with RoonServer, yeah? Not just in theory, but in practice.

I, for one, would like to see some screenshots of this before I drop some dough to upgrade my gear to run RoonServer. :slight_smile:

(Kal Rubinson) #27

My apologies. I have used DiracLive only with directly-attached physical devices and it was presumptuous of me to assume that it would work with a Roon bridge/endpoint.

(Nick Allen) #28

Virtual sound cards. I think that may be the ticket. I need to read up on if there is degredation of sound or coloration with software like this, but in theory there shouldn’t be.

So the trick (again in theory), I’ve got a SonicOrbiter i5 with my NAS attached. This goes to my router, but then, instead of going into my mRendu, it goes into my laptop with Audiophile Optimized on it, straight Ethernet. I then take another Ethernet port and deliver that to my mRendu. My computer is now a bridge with my server and mRendu sharing the same IP.

In the middle of all that, though, I have Dirac running, and Dirac’s output points to a virtual sound card, which in turn, points to the mRendu and viola! Instant Dirac and Roon integration!

The only catch, though, would be if the virtual sound card does something wonky with the system, or my brain has just done something wonky with my system. :slight_smile:


While you can certainly output Dirac to a virtual soundcard, the virtual soundcard would have to talk one of the protocols that the mRendu supports, like Roon REST or HQPlayer HAA. I am not aware of any. Honestly, Dirac simply isn’t going to work in a networked environment. Try REW/Rephase or Acourate so you can export convolution filters to Roon or HQP.

(Merab Gogolauri) #30

You can integrate DSP with Dirac Live between preamp and amp, it does all Dirac magic for me, sounds amazing !!!


But 24/96 is the most it can handle so anything above that is downsampled.

(Andrew J Shepherd) #32

Or not even 96 kHz. Some Dirac boxes do run at or up to 96 kHz, but that particular miniDSP unit is limited internally to 32 bit 48 kHz. And the previous poster appears to be using it as an A/D/A process between preamp and amp. Not an ideal solution.


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(Merab Gogolauri) #33

It may not be ideal but it’s cheap and sounds amazing, dramatic sound improvement!!

(Merab Gogolauri) #34

@WiWavelength do you know any other way how to integrate subwoofer with stereo amp and also have a Dirac and Roon working ?

something like Emotiva XMC-1 will do same, but it’s 5 times more expensive.

(Mr Fix It ) #35

can use a lesser 2 channel preamp like XSP-1 that can do basic bass management

(Merab Gogolauri) #36

XSP-1 does not have a Dirac option, costs twice as much as minidsp with Dirac 450$. with minidsp you get a proper crossover, eq, distance settings and pretty much everything you may want to controll in your sound and most important Dirac!
i doubt you can get any better for 450$ :slight_smile:

(Mr Fix It ) #37

I thought you needed a preamp too with sub out …sorry then yes maybe Minidsp is enough but still no sub outputs

(Johan N) #38

Actually, that particular MiniDSP does have sub output.

However, still just 48k

(Johan) #39

Good room correction is allways better than (better sound?) of Hi-Res…
@TS, first quarter of 2018 version 2 of Dirac Live will be released. Upgrade will be free.

(Merab Gogolauri) #40

@wizardofoz I bought this dsp specifically to properly integrate sub in my stereo system.
I have Vincent tube amp and Vincent tube preamp, between them is minidsp managing eq, crossover and also Dirac live.

@qdtjni It may be 48k max, but i’m very happy with results i got from my cheap JBL ES90 speakers and ES250 sub. one should invest minimum 10k in speakers, to hear any difference beyond 48k, even then you may or may not hear little difference for what you paid a lot.

They have 24/96 model as well