Roon Disappeared in newest QNAP Version


I just upgraded QNAP as always to it’s latest version and Roon has disappeared and is not showing up in the APP center. It was functioning fine before this so hardware is compatible.

Is there no longer a way to download the Roon Qnap package like before?

No such problems here. Maybe @crieke can shed some light on this issue?

Which model are you using. What‘s the latest QTS on that model (the one that you just installed)?

According to the qnap app Center Website. It should still be available.

Attached is info. Roon is neither showing up an all apps or Entertainment ( which is the screenshot I attached ).

Again, this was working fine last night ( and the past few years ) until I upgraded to this version.


Never mind, installed manually using the link you provided and it’s working now… Perhaps that’s what we’re supposed to do, but wasn’t clear from the QNAP installation page. Perhaps you should provide the above link there as well to manually install if it doesn’t show up on app center. Thanks for your help.

Similar thing happended to me with but with the bliss app. I updated my NAS & bliss was gone. I had to manually reinstall both bliss & the Java runtime.

To further complicate matters, when I contacted QNAP support they told me my NAS was not supported to run bliss (even though I’d been running it for ages).


You should look in the QNAP Store section. Roon Server is not a HybridDesk Station App.

This is how it looks on my device (same model):

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Yeah, l realized that after my last post as well after I was hunting around for Kodi. Mea culpa, Engineer not familiar with UI.

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