Roon Dispay not working on Chrome

Hello @support team

I am running Roon Server on a QNAP NAS and would like it to display on the NAS HDMI output. QNAP has a feature called the HD station that allows selected apps to render via HDMI. One such app is the Chrome browser, so I have opened it and directed it to the roon display web URL… but it does not work:

  • The browser does not get recognized as a roon display device
  • the browser renders the roon logo but the following error appears in the chrome console log:
    Uncaught syntaxerror: unexpected strict mode reserved word


the chrome browser version is 38.0.2125.104 unkown (64-bit)

Is there any specific requirement as far as the Chrome browser is concerned ?


Hello @Christian_Chateauvie,

At this time we only support the compatible devices on this list: but I have forwarded your request to the tech team to see if we would be able to support other platforms in the future.



I believe your Chrome version ( 38.0.2125.104 ) is from 2014. Chrome on my Windows 10 computer shows this for About Chrome:

Google Chrome is up to date

Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I don’t know if QNAP offers an up to date version, you would need to check with them.


Are you able to update this to a newer version? Maybe in the QNAP App Center?

Is your QNAP fully updated to the latest firmware?

Unfortunately I am not. The Chrome update button is not available ! I understand this is due to the fact that they are embedding a community edition of chrome which cannot be updated. And yes I am using the latest firmware available for my NAS model.

I think qnap is notoriously bad at upgrading search party software . so creating a simple qnap package embeding Chrome to act as a web display would probably be a good fit for all qnap HD station user running roon on their NAS…

Perhaps we should ask Christopher Reike to build one -) ?