ROON Display disconnect

Hello ROON user,

Lately I’ve experienced the problem of ROON Display seem to disconnect with my Google TV Chromecast.
After 15 minutes or so the now playing song suddenly disappears from my TV screen.

Before I’ve had an older version Google Chromecast with my old 2013 Sony TV and all went fine.
Since I’ve been having the new one with my TV the issue keeps happening it’s really a bit annoying.

Who knows what can be the solution for this?

Thank you very much. :pray:t3:

Sjors Scheijvens - The Netherlands

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Is it going to the Chromecast screensaver?

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Yes indeed, it is.

Ive had display issues for the last several releases and I have been waiting for a fix. I must admit I havent reported it though.

My friends who use roon also have the same issue of the screen dropped after a few songs.

This should probably help then:

Hi Suedkiez, thanks for your reply.

No, unfortunately it didn’t help.
What worked was restart my Google Chromecast TV. Then I can make a proper connection again with it as my Roon Display. This is okay for me now. I believe that the sudden screen dropout has gone. :grinning:

With kind regards, Sjors

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Hello Paul_Whittaker, thanks for the reply.

Try restarting your Google Chromecast. This has worked for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards, Sjors

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