Roon display error (Finebits OÜ Browser via Xbox One)

I am receiving error (code: 404) on the browser Finebits OÜ/internet browser pro on the Xbox One. This is the recommended browser for the device in roon kb (

I have had no issues with other browsers (Chrome) & have checked that the URL is accurate.

Support would be most appreciated.

Hi @James_Forman,

I just gave this a try and it worked okay for me. Can you confirm the URL that you’re typing into the browser?

Hi @dylan,

Certainly, it is

The IP address is a special-purpose IPv4 address called localhost or loopback address . All computers use this address as their own but it doesn’t let them communicate with other devices like a real IP address does.

Is that the address that Roon presents to you when you go to Settings | Displays?

Yes @BlackJack

I asume this is when you open Roon directly on your core as this is the only machine this can work on.

When you have another Roon Control available, you can check the IP address there or use this guide to find out. Replace then with the real IP address of your Roon Core.

Doh! Good spot.

I’m glad it worked. Enjoy watching Roon. :smile:

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