Roon display not working on xiaomi mii tv stick

Roon display not showing a xiaomi mii tv stick which has chromecast built in?

On my XIAOMI TV STICK Roon display works just fine. And on MI BOX S too. Most likely, something wrong with your network settings.

And just to be sure, did you try to reboot Core after MI stick is up?

Also, try to use another software with Chromecast compatibility, just to check that everything is fine (or not) :grinning:


Thx for your help.

Its working now but it was a very strange problem. I restarted the core as you suggested, still didnt work. I tried setting up a brand new core from my laptop to see if it was a network issue - still didnt work. And then when i went back to my original core it showed up suddenly!

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That worked for only 5 minutes! Display just disappeared and i cant get it back.

And yes, the chromecast device shows up on my network from apps on iphone ipad etc.

Does your MI tv stay available in roon constantly? Is it this one that you have with latest updates?

Sounds like the screensaver (powersave?) kicks in after 5 minutes. Maybe you can find a solution in the posting below:

Yes, “the one and only” =)))

Exactly, @BlackJack is right for sure! But this is purely TV/Android tv settings. Just to be sure, try to play the song with live lyrics. The reason for that, imho, is the Roon UI without any animation. For example, on LG OLED TV, panel saver kicks in even before the Chromecast screensaver =)))

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Thanks. Screensaver is disabled. I enabled stay awake in dev mode. Ambient mode seems specific to google devices and not others that have chromecast built in as far as i can see.

No difference. Device disappears after 10-15 minutes.

Chromecast device is still visible by other apps just not roon

Restarting ron core fixes it - for another 15 mins

I don’t know to what TV/monitor that stick is connected to.

These are all your devices so happy troubleshooting. :wink:
I don’t have issues with my CCU or web displays so I’m pretty sure that Roon is not disabling anything after some random time.

Disappears where? Might also be your network then?

The montitor has nothing to do with the problem - when roon stops seeing the chromecast device the device just displays its normal homepage as nothing is casting to it. When the issue occurs i can see cast to the chromecast device from other apps. So it doesnt seem to be network related. Of course music plays without interruption.

If it’s not Roon, not the Monitor, not the TV stick, and “doesnt seem to be network related” then it has to be your Roon Server machine. I suggest you check there for active power save options (display and/or network adapter related come to my mind).

At this stage im pretty sure it has to be roon, heres why:

  • I can always chromecast to the device from other apps even when roon stops seeing it
  • Music plays uninterrupted from roon so it cant be a problem with the core going to sleep or anything like that. That suggests its also not network related
  • Its not the monitor because im using an external hdmi input and the monitor never goes off with these on my tv
  • The fact that quitting roon on the core and reopening it immediately fixes the issue tells me that its roon
  • lyrics on or off makes no difference

@support care to weigh in here please?

I have lg oled too? How do you chromecast to your tv? Because with an external hdmi input like xiaomi the lg screensaver doesnt start. Im curious how you chromecast and still see the lg screensaver?

Test it. Connect with a browser from a PC, tablet or phone (hardwired or same machine as core preferred) to the URL shown in Roon|Settings|Dislays, set it up as a display in parallel to the TV stick and see if it stops working at the same time as the TV stick stops working.

Do you use the TV stick as display only or also as audio zone? If you currently use it as display only, try and set it up as audio zone too. Does the music stop playing to the ChromeCast when the display stops?

I did. Browser does not stop - it carries on displaying indefinitely.

The TV stick is only for the display. The audio goes straight to my speakers which are roon enabled. Does the tv stick not need to be roon ready to send audio to it? I have never played music from roon to a device that isnt roon enabled but if thats possible i will try that thanks.

But the browser component in your TV stick, for some reason still unknown, stops communicating with Roon, no longer reads and renders the data from the still available and working display URL and becomes unlisted in Roon? I can’t see a fault here with Roon. IMHO all evidence points toward the TV stick itself or its network connection.

Roon supports ChromeCast. ChromeCast can do audio, video and even still images (pictures) AFAIK.


This leads me to believe that it is a power save/standby issue, as network problems usually cause the device to send a new MDNS service discovery message when network connectivity is restored, which is usually picked up by Roon (causing the device to be listed again, perhaps twice, without having to restart Roon). But I might be wrong here. Could also be some multicast/MDNS strangeness in your network, reading trough your posts about issues setting up the TV stick and make it seen by Roon for the first time.



No, the browser components works indefinitely. I am not using the browser component though, i am just using chromecast directly. It is this that stops.

I have the same issue when i use the chromecast as an audio output ie audio keeps playing, but display stop

I will get another wifi router and a Different chromecast device and try that next

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Hi @Zeki_Mustafa ,

If the device is disappearing in Roon, then yes, this could be a multicast issue like @BlackJack noted. Knowing if another Chromecast device also does this is a good next step.

I would love to know how you stop your xiomi tv stick from going to sleep. If i leave mine with no activity the light goes off on the device which tells me its asleep even though everything in settings is set correctly for it to not do that. How does yours run and what is normal use for you? Do you use it all the time? Is roon display always available? Eg first thing in the morning before any other activity on your tv stick?

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