Roon Display On LG OLED 2019 not working

Running Roon core on custom PC streaming to Naim Nova and a few Naim QBs. I recently upgraded my TV in main room to 77 inch C9 OLED by LG.

I went through process of adding the OLED as a display. It shows up in my Roon app. But when I launch the display I just get the Roon logo. There are no lyrics or album art.

I saw an old thread mentioned issues with LG TVs pre 2017, but mine is a 2019 build.

Any thoughts?

Probably their web browser. I would guess this is the one advantage of Android based TV - more compatible web browser (even if I am personally not a fan of anything else about android in a TV in day to day use). Its a shame - I much prefer the LG OS as a TV OS, but TBH I have only used the web browser a coupe of times to try it out and while fine for many basic web sites, it doesn’t seem to like many single page web app like sites/apps.

Also I really would not use an OLED for a media player display - high risk of image retention/burn in.

Love the picture on my LG OLED (B7), but they need to be used with care and that generally means avoiding extended exposure to direct sunlight, fixed bright logos or text etc, or computer/media player displays.

I have a C7 55” with bad burnin, it was used as a pc monitor by the original owner and I got it free when he moved to another country. I can live with this as a monitor and I’m getting used to the size for 4K desktop use on my MacBook Pro before I might eventually get something this large that’s pristine colours. Reds are worst so anything red hints etc looks horrid…yellows look green…so smiley faces look. Seasick :nauseated_face:

I put windows in the top area that’s better colour wise where I look at roon or YouTube and lower area for web browsing and email

Hi @Jeremy_Hutchins,

Did you make sure to start the display function?


More information regrading displays can be found in our Displays Knowledge Base

The display now button you linked is not visible on iPad, iPhone, pc or Mac.

That is the default screen that is shown after connecting the display to the Roon Core. Now you have to connect the display with a playback zone in Roon.

Note: The zone must be playing for content to show up on your display.

This doesn’t make sense as you stated that:

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@Jeremy_Hutchins -

I second this, I would also make sure that music is actually playing for the button to show up.

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