Roon does hardware [Nucleus introduced in Munich]

I think you are limited to a 9.5mm height disk which limits the choice.

The Samsung 4tb SSD:
Dimensions (W x D x H)
3.94" x 2.75" x 0.27"

So, 6.858 mm height.

I’ve used a 1TB SSD in a BRIX (Gigabyte NUC) before and not had any issues. If you were using the Nucleus as Core and a microRendu or similar network endpoint I would not think that the size of the SSD would make any difference to SQ.

end of the year SSD 1TB less than €200?

However, one might be handy to backup the 4TB of internal storage. :smiley:

I thought the Nucleus had removed the height restriction

You can have the sonictransporter i7 too :

Fanless, with a real quad core i7 kaby lake (smoke the i7 of the nuc with tremendous margin), double gigabit, a 2.5" slot for hdd or ssd and an optimized linux os with roon core.1500$ or 2000$ with a lifetime roon license …

Any news about Nucleus? When can I buy it? My money box is full. I’m ready.:smile:

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We are deep in the process of getting it made! We are still hoping for end of August, but it might be a few weeks later… or at least that’s what the factory tells us.

We should have a lot more info in 2-3 weeks as the factory progresses.


How will it be sold? Retailers only?
Or will you sell them online?

Nucleus is priced and built to be sold via HiFi/CustomInstall dealers, but we are working on logistics of direct sales as well. The pricing will be the same regardless of where you buy it.


Any list we can signup for or will Roon users get a mail when th Nucleus is available?

I will surely post here, so you should get an email…

Great, thanks! Looking out for this one!

Any update on the release date ?

First units coming next week… hopefully shipping to distributors and dealers by end of Sept.

hopefully we’ll hear back from people who are going the self created route of buying their own intel NUC…pics, impressions…seems like a given in terms of costs savings.

Oh, many have been posting here and there on the community site, and most of the alpha team did the NUC thing as well.

We heard a little at the very start of the alpha cycle and then never really heard much again… when we asked about it later, the alpha team’s response was “I installed it, it’s been running, I forgot all about it”. I personally wanted more complaints and issues to fix, but I guess when you are building an appliance, that’s the best feedback you can get.


Do you have additional information you can share about where the Nucleus will be available for purchase?
i.e., who are the dealers?

not yet, our plan is to make a dealer list + ‘find a dealer’ on our website