Roon does not decode MQA connected to ropieeeXL and AudioEngine Speakers

Roon authenticates MQA material but does not do the first unfolding when playing through ropieeeXL and AudioEngine A2+ speakers connected with USB. There is no setting to turn on MQA decoding in the advance settings of the device. It works just fine with Roon streaming to my Kef LSX speakers.

Through Audio Engine

Through Kefs

Post the roon audio settings for the audioengine

Here they are, one thing I notice is the identify this device. There are not audioengine devices in the search list.



Odd that it isn’t showing any MQA settings. I have ropieee not XL and an "unknown"topping DAC
Looks like

Maybe I will try downgrading back to ropieee, see if that helps. But I thought decoding was on the core side.

My dac is in the audio engine speakers via usb b connector on back panel.

It can be on the core or on the client.

What’s the “pinhole” on the audioengine signal path?

Your Audioengine powered loudspeakers are limited to 16 bit 48 kHz max. Read their specs. Roon is handling this appropriately.


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So you need at least 24bit / 96 support on the end point?

Pinhole is ropieee renamed the hostname

You need 24/96 for your (next set of) DSP speakers.

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Thank you. I just dug these out of storage to test ropieee w/o a hat since they had usb in, with little expectation about sq difference with mqa. Plans to do a serious system upgrade from my LSX, and wanted to better understand ropieee through a dac without roon ready support, or go with a steamer with support, either with or without full MQA decoding/rendering support. Also may try out a hat with optic/coax outs next.