Roon does not detect my audio device in Windows 10

Intel Core i/-7700 CPU. 3.60GHz
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Realtek High Definition Audio
Amplifier Denon PMA-60 USB-DAC connect

Yesterday I formatted my PC hard drive and installed the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64bit and now I can’t listen to Roon on my PC.
Before I reinstalled Windows 10, Roon ran perfectly on my computer.
In MANAGE AUDIO DEVICES I get the message “No audio devices found”
My Denon PMA-60 device connected via USB-DAC does not appear.
Only the device connected to the Nucleus and the Sony Bravia 4K TV connected to the network appear.

However, I can listen to TIDAL (with its own App), YouTube and any sound from the Denon PMA-60 connected via USB-DAC.

I uninstalled the Realtek driver and reinstalled it. I’ve also uninstalled Roon and reinstalled it, but I still can’t hear it and the above message appears.
I have updated all drivers with Driver Booster app.

Roon works fine on my other devices (Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, etc).

Before I reinstalled Windows 10, Roon ran perfectly on my computer. Why doesn’t it work now?

This happened to me a couple of years ago and it miraculously fixed itself without me doing anything.

Can you help me?

Thank you

Did you check the firewall setting?

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Thank you very much.
I have done what the link you have indicated indicates and now I can finally see my devices.
Thanks again.

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