Roon does not detect my T+A devices

Hi there, Roon doesn‘t detect my T+A devices, neither my CalaSR nor my Music Receiver although T+A should be Roonready. The only network devices that hast beendet found is a Sonos Play 1.
I‘m running Roon on a Windows 10pro, 64bit, HP Probook and unsinn the App on a Ipad Air ios 11.2

I had a look on the T+A website and could not see where the Cala is Roon Ready, perhaps I missed it can you post a link where it says it is?

I just took a look at the Roon Website where T+A is list as a Roon Partner. And as a partner it should be roonready, shouldn‘t it? Why does Sonos work and Linn, too?

Roon Ready is product specific so you would need to confirm if the products you have are on the list, not just the manufacturer.

Thanks for you reply. Since I couldn’t find a product list on the website, I expected it to be valid for all products of the manufacturer
If there are so many compatibility limitations, I prefer to cancel the trial membership.
Thanks again.

Roon website has a footnote " * coming soon" for T+A under Roon Ready devices. It is listed under Roon Tested DAC - but that is not what you’re seeking.

At this moment Linn is not yet Roon Ready either (other than AirPlay).

For more details, see this list:

By the way, the new Lumin D2 (not on the above list) is also Roon Ready.

Thanks to all for your answers and input - but without supporting TuneIn Radio (or vTuner), without supporting streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, Qobuz and last but not least Calm Radio it’s a useless and too expensive software. And the limitation of supported products is too big, too.

Maybe it is interesting for the community: Some weeks ago I contacted T+A and asked which of their devices will be updated for being roon ready. They replied that the aio solution R 1000 E is currently in the process to become roon ready …

Just out of interest which product does all that you have mentioned? I would be very interested in such a product but a search reveals nothing.

Many thanks,


This is one of the reasons why I asked for this Sub Category to be created. T+A at the moment don’t seem to be very good at communicating with their existing/new customers. I wrote to @Larry_HV a few days ago to ask how they will be keeping their customers up to date with the progress of being Roon Ready for their existing range, I haven’t received a reply other than the initial response to my post. I appreciate things take time and am willing to wait but communication is key to any business’s success. In my opinion this is primarily a T+A issue and not Roon. T+A should make it clear the progress or otherwise as to the integration of Roon with their products.

T+A can you please respond to these posts? Maybe as the products become Roon Ready they could be posted here as well as in the Partner Devices Matrix?

Lifetime member of Roon.

Hi Scotav,

I had 2 days off for a long weekend, so please apologize my delayed answer.
As we had no roon ready devices up to now we have not been on this forum until recently.

We will communicate the state of our devices here in this forum, additionally on our website and of course in our newsletter (for those who have registered for this).


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Thanks Lothar and appreciated. As you can see from the above comments things quickly snowball if not addressed quickly. I think it will be to everyone’s benefit to keep things up to date. I for one look forward to receiving updates on T+A products from you.

Great range and quality of products by the way!

Although Lothar’s comment sounds promising, the truth is that the R1000E was presented on the High-End Messe in Munich in May 2016 as “Roon Ready” (on the stand!).

As a (otherwise) happy owner of the R1000E (and matching T+A speakers), I have repeatedly (2016, 2017, 2018) asked T+A when they would finally fulfill this promise. Although T+A always responded to my requests, the answer was invariably the same …

  1. not yet available,
  2. other developments have higher priorities
  3. development staff is unable to provide a release date
  4. please be patient

In short, although T+A does communicate with their clients, they seem to fall short when it comes to delivering. Which is rather sad because, as also mentioned by Scotav, their hardware is of high quality.


I’m an owner of a T+A Music Receiver and streaming was always half-hearted - last year I tried the newer Hardware with Deezer included - a mess…

That’s why I use a HifiBerry Digi ( to connect digitally to my T+A :smile:

In use since Feb and that’s why I use Roon :wink:

Next HW replacement will be just speakers - no T+A box needed anymore - I wouldn’t know why…

My upgrade solution was less than 100 EUR and makes use of the internal T+A DAC - recommended - you should try!

Cheers, Christian

@ Sjoerd: In 2016 the DAC8DSD was introduced on the High End show as Roon tested DAC. T+A also announced to have the intention to make the streamer products roon ready in the future but no products were presented as certified roon ready devices.

@ Christian: The T+A Music_Player / Music_Receiver series was introduced in 2007 and they were one of the very first streaming products on the market. True, from todays perspective their streaming capabilities may seem “half-hearted” but please name one other product from that period which had all the features and capabilities of these T+A products.

By the way: Deezer was added to T+A products in August 2018 - so no “Deezer included” hardware in 2017.

@Larry: This YouTube ( shows an interview with Siegfried Amft at the Munich High End 2016. Even in the opening shot I notice two things: a “roon” sign and a R100E. Of course you could try to argue that the two are not related in any way, but you’d have to very convincing to get away with that.

However, rather than focusing on the expectations raised in 2016, I suggest that T+A gives us a deadline by which the R1000E will be “roon ready” AND MEETS THAT DEADLINE. The process has now been in progress since (at least) January 2018 (see Michael_Kletzin above).

@Christin_Birkle: I know, and I am using an IQAudio to that end. However, one of the reasons to buy the T+A was to get rid of as many additional devices and cables as possible, and promises are there to be met.

Hi @Sjoerd_Koneijnenburg,

2016 was the year when we got our DACs roon tested. So I guess this sign referred to the “Roon Tested” state of our DACs and of course you can use a R1000E as a DAC for any roon endpoint.
In the whole interview you mention there was not one single word about the R1000E being Roon Ready.

Anyway - today I received the confirmation from Roon that the R1000E has passed all certification tests.

We will make the Roon Ready firmware available to our customers via free of charge web-update within the next 1 or 2 weeks. I will give further notice when the firmware update becomes available.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the update. As said, let’s not focus on the past but instead rejoice in the upcoming release for the R1000E. Looking forward to it!

Cheers, Sjoerd

Thanks for the update Larry.


The roon ready firmware for the R 1000 E will go online on Friday November 2nd.

R 1000 E devices can be updated to the roon ready firmware version by a web-update.
Details on the web-update process can be found in the user manual in chapter “Software Update”.

Link to the user manual: