Roon does not find my Devialet expert pro 220

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I have installed roon core on two separate computers, with the same results. Currently, I’m working in a 64 bit Windows 10 OS on an Intel i7 at 2.8GHz system with 16GB ram. I am running Roon Version 1.7 build 537, 64 bit.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

I am attempting to connect to the Devialet Expert Pro 220 via wifi using a Rocket Fiber Smart/RG 802.11ac fiber optic modem/router, model #SR400ac.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet Expert Pro 220 via wifi.

Description Of Issue

The Devialet does not appear among the detected audio devices in Roon. Roon does detect my Chromecast, which suggests to me the program is communicating with the router and the problem is specific to the Devialet. Can you help?

Do you know whether your 220 is reachable on the network (has an IP address)? For example, can you see from the info display or your router’s web interface that it is present on your network, and if so does it respond when you “ping” it?

(I assume you’ve configured the 220 to enable the wi-fi interface and have provided your router’s wi-fi SSID and passphrase?)

Is there any possibility of trying it using wired Ethernet, even if temporarily?

Thank you for your quick reply, Ian. In the meantime, I installed Devialet AIR on my machine and that solved my problem. I misread the literature and comments on the Roon/Devialet connection, and thought AIR was not needed for Roon to communicate with the amp. That perception was consistent my ability to use the Devialet remote app on my iPhone. And, I could see in my router control panel that the amp was connected to WiFi.

I have another question you may be able to help me with. Until now, I have had my music server (hard drive) connected to my Oppo blu-ray player, which I now plan to change. I’m considering two options: 1) connecting it to the USB port of the amplifier; 2) connecting it to the USB port of my router.

Can Roon access the music server using either of these configurations? What steps do I take in Roon to access the files in each? Do you recommend one over the other configuration?

Thank you very much for your help, Ian.

Only if the sharing device is exporting the music as a SMB network share. If they act as a DLNA server or other sharing system, then no.

Glad to hear that you’ve got the network connection working. I am a little surprised that you had to install AIR, unless perhaps your 220 Pro doesn’t have the Core Infinity board installed. (If it does, it is “Roon Ready” which means it should support Roon directly via RAAT without needing the AIR software installed on your Windows PC.)

I don’t think your hard drive will work connected to the Devialet’s USB port, because it’s a “device” (type B) port, rather than a “host” (type A) port. You’ll find you can’t connect them together using a standard USB cable, which is usually a good indication that they won’t work together. If your router has a type A USB port you should be able to connect your hard drive to it and, provided the router shares the drive as @cwichura noted above, Roon should be able to see it

Well now, that’s interesting! So, I didn’t misread the specifications about the Roon/expert pro connection. As I thought, since I do have a core infinity board AIR should not be necessary. This problem appears to be one for the Devialet team.

I discovered already the hard drive can’t be connected to the amp. I have the drive connected to the router now. Windows reads it, but haven’t I found a path syntax Roon likes yet. Would Roon report an “incorrect network path” if the server is exporting files in a format other than SMB?

I found the correct path specification to my router and the drive connected to it via USB. Although my router uses the DNLA protocol, running in Windows 10 Roon has scanned all the files on the server drive and is importing the tracks into my Roon library. As a test, I played two tracks: one downloaded from Bandcamp and one ripped from a CD. Both played through without glitches. Thank you cwichura and Ian for your help.


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