ROON does not find my Metronome Le Player USB DAC (Mac 10.14)

Core Machine

IMac OS 10.14.6

Network Details

USB connection directly to USB DAC (3 meter Audioquest cable)

Audio Devices

Metronome Le Player (USB DAC)

Library Size

30000 flac titles

Description of Issue

I wish to use my Metronome Le Player CD player as a USB DAC. I have been using a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC without any issues but I find the sound of the Metronome more engaging. Unfortunately the system does not recognize/find the USB DAC. Neither the computer nor ROON are able to “see” that the Metronome is connected via USB. I have tried installing the Metronome driver for Mac OS 10.10 (the latest version) without success.
Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Thank you very much in advance. Greetings from Bologna, Italy.

Hello @Juan_Hitters,

Thank you so much for getting in touch and letting us know of this problem. I am very sorry you’ve ran into it and that we’ve taken this long to reply … :pleading_face:

If your machine (iMac) does not see a device, Roon will not either. Since the iMac does not see the Metronome as is, it is very likely that the issue lies either with the connection or with the device itself.

Would it be possible to try a different cable? Can you update the Metronome, or at least restart it? Contacting the manufacturer to help you connect it to your iMac would be a great first step.

We’d love to hear about how it goes :nerd_face:

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It uses a really old version of HiFace USB module, that according to other forum discussions:

  • Does not work on any Mac OS newer than Yosemite
  • Does not work in exclusive mode on Windows 10
  • Does not work in recent versions of Linux

Normally this is the time to tell you to use a USB to SPDIF adapter and output SPDIF to it. Unfortunately, your player only has a SPDIF output but not any digital input.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong on any point above. (Before anyone asks, Lumin streamers USB output does not support M2Tech USB.)

I only see one possible option that is reasonably do-able - setup a PC (find one with real USB 2.0 hardware not only USB 3.0) with Windows 7 and install the driver. You can use it as a Roon Endpoint, or perhaps simply move your Roon Core there.

Alternatively, I would encourage you to check out our Roon Ready players with analog outputs.

Previous discussion is here:


Thank you, Rebeka. Unfortunately, it happens to be a problem with the M2tech USB input of my Metronome Le Player. Seems to be that M2tech stopped paying Apple after Yosemite (10.10) and therefore is not recognized by the Mac.
Wklie nailed it.
Thanks for your help.

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Dear Wklie

You nailed it.

The distributor in Italy suggested adding an SOtM SMS-200 Ultra and use it as an end-point. I like that option as I do not wish to start a PC based system. You seem to be an expert. The SOtM is Linux based. Do you believe it will work with the M2tech USB input of my Metronome Le Player? The sound of the player is so damn good that I wish to be able to use its very same DAC for my high-res files. Thank you for your kind assistance.

Juan Hitters, Bologna, Italy

I suggest you ask SOtM to confirm whether they really support the oldest M2Tech driver in their latest firmware, and to confirm with the dealer about the refund policy if you find it does not work with your DAC.

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Thank you again, Peter. I have just wrote to SOtM and its distributor in Italy, as well as M2tech and Metronome. Let’s see how this develops. I have got a PS Audio Directstream DAC that is ROON:READY. It is just that I wish to try how the Metronome DAC performs with my high-res files. If they sound as good as my CDs, then it has been worth all this effort. The musicality of the Metronome is something I have never encountered before. It is, by far, the best sound coming from a CD I have ever listened to, a perfect blend of drive, detail, rhythm and sweetness. Have a wonderful week.