Roon does not play DSD files with Linn anymore [Linn-side Issue with Firmware 516+, Linn Ticket In]

Roon Server Machine

Qnap TS 253B NAS running QTA

Networking Gear & Setup Details

all ethernet via Cisco SG 250-8 switches

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Akurate DSM firmware 4.104.518 connected via ethernet
control via 2 Apple iPad air devices and iPhone 14

Number of Tracks in Library

12000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon does not play any DSD files anymore - only “hiss” with some residuals of music in the background and some very loud and scary cracks
This happens since the time of the roon software production release to 1353

The Linn app plays the same DSD files without any problem

![Bildschirmfoto 2 2023-11-29 um 16.45.59|690x474](upload://qulkg31ITbAs8zIxUqdfdyVTYoE.jpeg) ![Bildschirmfoto 3 2023-11-29 um 16.48.25|690x414](upload://dwHbopxJY8bmVtDQegzPrscm8Ko.jpeg)

I have exactly the same problem with Linn Klimax DSM/2 with recent Firmware 4.104.518 “upgrade”.

Same here. Hope it get’s fixed soon.

Hi @Hans-Jurgen_Kozik, @Burkhard_Dr_Danielzi, @Raj_Lucas,

Thank you for the report and for your patience whilst awaiting a staff response.

To clarify, this behavior emerged only after the 516 Linn Linn 4.104.516 upgrade, and the 518 hotfix did not fix the issue?

Please, at your convenience, provide an approximate timestamp or the name of a track that was playing when you encountered this issue. We’ll pinpoint the event by activating diagnostic mode on your account.

Hi Connor, I had issues when playing the track “You Go To My Head” from this Bill Evans album on 17/12/2023 at 1056 CET. Every few seconds the music paused, then played, then paused and so on.
Yes, the 518 hotfix did not fix the issue.
I contacted Linn, sent some DSD files and got this response:

Hi Raj,
Thank you for your e-mail
The engineer has found the cause of the issue and is working on a new release of software to remedy this. Unfortunately, this will not be available until next year as we close on Friday until 3rd Jan.
Best Regards

So hopefully a fix will be coming soon from Linn.

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Thanks for the response, @Raj_Lucas, our Partners team will follow-up with Linn, and we’ll touch base on this thread after their forthcoming fix in the next release.

We’ll post any updates here.

Hi @Raj_Lucas,

We’ve touched base with Linn - they have a patch for this issue undergoing testing in their Beta software program. If you’re a Linn beta tester, you can expect to see this fixed. Otherwise, the fix will be shipped to their pubic build with the next firmware release.

We’re going to close this thread since Linn controls the timeline at this point, but their engineers are diligently on the case.