Roon does not play MQA well with the iBasso DC06

Roon Core Machine

Mac Book Air M1 OS12.5.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity high speed

Connected Audio Devices

iBasso DC06

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Clicks and pops continue with iBasso set to decode and render for MQA. Sometimes a bit better with just decode, but not always. iBasso works great on Audirvana Studio and Mac Tidal app. No issue with either of these. Puzzled. If anyone has experience on Roon with this great little DAC, please let me know. I love Roon, and I love this DAC and I really want to be able to use it on Roon. I’m also a paying customer. Thanks.

Hi @richard_oxhorn,

Thank you for your issue report and thank you again for your patience in awaiting a response.

I’d like to take a look at what Roon sees as happening in the diagnostics. Can you please play a track to reproduce the problem, then note the date/time/track played to report back here?

You mention Xfinity. Are you using the Xfi Gateway? Are there any other networking devices like switches or other routers being used?


I think the I basso is only an MQA renderer. This is what the website says.

“With Tidal and other supporting MQA playback software, the DC06 supports MQA 16X unfolding (2X is unfolded by software and 8X is hardware rendering by the DAC).”

Does setting it to renderer only in Roon help? What does your signal path look like?

It only works on decode. If I do render or render/decode I get clicks and pops galore like a turntable in the 70s. If I do render/decode then I get magenta for MQA, but the clicks and pops. When I just do decode then I get good sound but a green light instead of magenta for MQA.

On decode only. when all is working fine does you ibasso give you any MQA indication? If so that mode is working fine and since the ibasso is not a Roon Ready or Roon tested device Roon does not know about the downstream rendering.

Can’t help,with why you are getting pos or clicks in the other modes.

If it’s not working in any mode then I think the only thing to do is try to gent Ibasso to send a device to Roon so they can test it and get to the bottom of the issue.

iBasso shows green on decode, not magenta which would indicate MQA. Thanks for your input.

Ae you applying any dsp processing or volume levelling in your signal path? Do you have Roons MQA decoder switched on for the zone? Please post a screen grab of Roons signal path playing to this zone. It is only an MQA renderer so you need to use Roon to decode the MQA stream and pass on to the DAC. Also show how you have the device configured in Roon for MQA capabilities.

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