Roon does not play REW sweep files properly

Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Roon version 1.77 Build 555 64 bit.
Lynx Hilo AD/DA converter.

Roon used to be able to play sweep files generated by REW acoustic measurement software so folks can measure their loudspeakers and room. The sweep file has a chirp at the front of the file, then a 5 Hz to 24 kHz sweep, and a chirp at the end of the file to signify to REW to stop measuring. The “chirp” is used by REW as a timing reference.

The sweep file looks like this:

In the latest version of Roon, the sweep files plays fine, but does not play the end chirp. Roon appears to skip right over it. I have other clients that are reporting the same problem.

To replicate, the sweep files can be downloaded here:

Is it a setting in Roon that can be adjusted to play the end chirp or is it an issue?
I should mention that this previously worked with Roon…

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Hello @Mitch_Barnett,

Thanks for reaching out.

  1. Can you please provide a screenshot of the Signal Path when you have this file playing?
  2. Do you have any DSP active such as Crossfade?
  3. Does the issue happen across multiple zones or just on the Lynx Hilo?
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Hi @Mitch_Barnett,
That’s a familiar name :slight_smile:. I’d like to take a short moment, to thank you on your writings on Acourate a few years ago. It really did help me get started quickly, back then :slight_smile: !

Back to the subject. Your files are playing perfectly fine over here, including both pre- and post- chirps. Running latest Roon release.

I don’t mean to say that there is no problem ;). But at least, it seems there is ’ some’ environmental variable at play, both for you and your customers. Let’s find out, what that variable is.

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Thanks @noris and @Marco_de_Jonge I just tried again on two different systems and worked just fine. I had two clients with the same issue. Let me go back and try the specific scenario with REW and see if it was just a carbon unit failure :slight_smile:

Cheers Marco! I hope you are making out well with Acourate.

Thanks again folks, will be back to confirm.
Kind regards,

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Had to look that one up. I love it :rofl: !


Haha, Not mine. Another is:

I am backlogged and hope to try the specific REW and Roon scenario this weekend and report back.

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@noris, @dylan, @Marco_de_Jonge - sorry for the delay. I can confirm that this is working perfectly and as intended. So must have been a carbon unit failure on my part :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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That’s fantastic news, thanks for the update @Mitch_Barnett!

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