Roon does not playback

MacBook Pro (Mac Os Catalina 10.15.7/Roon build number 710)

All my networking devices are connected through an Internet wideband via Ethernet.

The most relevant devices for this case are a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra and a Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital connected via USB 2.0.

Hi Roon Support Team,

When I try to start playing I get these error messages: “This track is not currently available on Tidal” and “Too many attempts / Stopping playback.”

This is the first issue a have with Roon until now. I have checked my Tidal account and everything is okay. I have also reproduced some pieces trough Tidal’s Desktop App that Roon says they are not currently available from Tidal. The strange thing is that yesterday I left all my setup working fine. I have not changed/touched anything. Now, all my system components such as streamer, DAC, CD player, and so on, are still working well with the exception of Roon. So I think that the issue must come out from Roon.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Have you tried any troubleshooting such as rebooting everything?

Yes, I’ve rebooted all system and Roon several times. Now, I’m restoring the database just to try something different.

As I said, I’ve successfully restored the database but unfortunately, the error messages are the same.


Just to clarify, you’re having trouble playing content from the TIDAL app itself too?

Are you able to play local content okay?

Nope, no problem at all playing from TIDAL app. I have issues playing my TIDAL playlists in Roon. Then, is when Roon shows the error messages I mentioned before.

Just trying to give you more information.

  • I’ve removed Roon and reinstall it from scratch
  • I’ve restored the latest database

After all of that, the same issue is still there.

  • I am able to listen to radio music using Roon “My Live Radio”
  • I am able to replay from my imported music folder (any kind of file, ripped cd’s or not)
  • The only thing I cannot do is plying my playlists created from Roon/TIDAL
  • Error messages are: “This track is not currently available on Tidal” and “Too many attempts / Stopping playback.”

I hope this helps.

Hello @JJFT, do you have issues playing to any endpoint? How about system output (the built-in speakers) of your mac? If you create a new TIDAL playlist and sync it to Roon, are you able to play it?

Hello Nuwriy,

Thanks for your reply.

The problem is that I can’t sync my old playlists. I’m not able to achieve to play them. All the items say “Not available.”


Hi again,
Just to bring you more graphical information (please see attached screenshots) about the issue.
Please help!
Kind regards

Hello @JJFT, do you have any issues opening the TIDAL browser in Roon or playing other TIDAL content within Roon?

Hello Nuwriy,
Yes, as I explain on the previous e-mails and screenshots I sent, I had issues playing TIDAL content within Roon.
Fortunately, this evening, I could find out a solution for them. Now everything is working fine.
Thanks for your reply anyway.
Kind regards

What was the solution?

I saw that adding a new track to an old playlist the things were going well but just until to restart Roon. Once restarted, bad again. So I decided to re-installing the software, make all settings again and creating a new playlist. Mysteriously, everything started back to work fine again. I do not know whether if I was lucky or not, but it worked.

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