Roon does not read new uploaded FLAC in Nucleus Storage


I am running Roon Version 1.7 (built 710).
My music files are as FLAC on the storage on my Nucleus+.

Normally I copy new music files as FLAC just over my network to the storage drive on Nucleus and the music shows up immediately in Roon.

Unfortunatelly since yesterday, this is not working anymore.

If I copy new music files to Nucleus, Roon does not show the new files like they are not there.

Does somebody has an idea, how to start Roon core to read in the new files on the storage?

Thanks and have a nice day


Press the power button to restart or restart through settings, setup, configure roon core.

Hi Ged, Thank You. After restarting of Nucleus (Roon Core). The new files are shown.

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