Roon does not recognize Schiit Jotunhiem Internal AKM 4490 DAC, Downgrades 24 bit to 16

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Macbook Pro

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Schiit Jotunhiem

Description Of Issue

Roon does not recognize the internal DAC (AKM 4490) inside t he Schiit Jotunhiem and will downgrade any 24 bit to 16. I was able once to move USB port and reconfigure it but it came back. This is the Device setting:

Please help

Hi @Shahryar_Sedghi,

From the screenshot you listed, it appears that you are playing 44.1/16 source content, not 44.1/24.
Can you try playing 44.1/24 content and share a screenshot of your signal path afterwards?
Is the behavior the same with the Audeze Preset turned off?

@noris Here it is another example with MQA without Audeze:

Pleas also notice the case that Device setting is missing DSD playback. This is another DAC connected to the same Computer:

Hi @Shahryar_Sedghi,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. I wonder what your OSX Audio MIDI is reporting for this zone, can you please open the Audio MIDI from the Applications -> Utilities folder, select this Schiit zone and post a screenshot of the possible rates it supports? The screenshot should look something like this:

This is 4490 G2 that has issue:

and this is Schiit Modi Multibit (USB Gen 2) that works like a charm:

I think I found the issue. It is the way Mac configures it, through USB hub. I connected it to Mac directly and I was able to see the bits. Modi is connected to USB hub as well. Apparently it has nothing to do with Roon. It is a bug in Mac plug and play. I was able to connect it to USB hub as well and see all the bits.

Hi @Shahryar_Sedghi,

Glad to hear that you were able to narrow down the issue to the USB hub in use.
I see that you’re on your way here, so I will mark this thread as [solved].
Thanks for reaching out to us!

Thanks @noris

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