Roon does not release Sonos Arc

Hi, I find that when I play music to my Sonos Arc from Roon, it does not seem to “release” it when I stop the music. As a result, when I then try to watch TV, the Arc does not play the TV sound.

How to I release the Arc from Roon?

Thank you.

Hmm. I don’t have that problem. My Arc is grouped in a zone with a sub and two Play:1’s as surrounds, but I doubt that’s the difference. I guess I do have that issue if I’m still playing Roon when I turn on the TV, and the fix for me was to pause Roon before I turn on the TV (which just makes sense to me anyways). The Arc doesn’t love switching between two actively-playing inputs. Is that what you’re describing? Otherwise I’m not sure I have more to suggest. Good luck!

Ah! Did you decide to go with an Arc setup?

I forgot to reply to you!

I have an ARC-based set up and a 2-channel in the same room! ARC because it just works (ARC+sub+2xPlay:1’s) and I never have to answer questions from my family! And a 2-channel because I love music. But not so much through the Arc unless we are having a party.

Did you ever figure this out?

Hi @hammer,

The team is curious to hear if you’ve experienced any new behavior with the latest round of ARC updates regarding your Sonos device switching issue.

Hi, I’ve not tried again as I don’t play two channel music on the Sonos ARC. When it’s happened, it was by mistake and now I am extra careful to not let it happen again since to “reset” everything, I have to unplug all the devices and plug everything back in.

I’ll do a test this weekend just to see. Were there code changes to release the ARC when I press stop on Roon? That was the issue, I would press stop on Roon, but then when I try to watch TV, no sound comes out of the ARC.


Hi @hammer,

Revisiting this in case it’s still an issue for you. As others have mentioned, the Sonos Arc will attempt to prioritize two active inputs based on the playback signal. If the Arc doesn’t prioritize the TV’s signal even with Roon paused, a workaround is to turn the TV on after pausing Roon.

Roon can communicate to the Sonos device that playback has stopped, but the Sonos device will have to navigate prioritization of the TV signal.

I recommend toggling UPnP on/off in your router and restarting all of your networked Sonos devices. That may refresh conditions and help reduce the impact of this problem. We’ll keep a lookout for your response.

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