Roon does not see Apple TV's

Even though all three of my Apple TVs appear available under Airplay, two of my 3 Apple TVs disappear from the Roon Audio Setup Networked section if they’ve been unused for awhile. They reappear once I have activated them either by hitting the Menu button on the Apple TV remote or selecting them in Airplay and sending then a stream. Then if I relaunch the Roon Settings/Audio, the Apple TVs appear.

So on my Roon installation some of my Apple TVs disappear as well even though the OSX and iTunes show them as available. I wonder if changing their individual Sleep settings to Never would keep them on the Roon Audio Settings selection box all the time.

I restart my 2 Apple Airport Extremes using the Airport Utility at least once a week. Though I have as many endpoints hardwired as practicable, sometimes weird things happen. Apple devices behave very well but sometimes other makes have difficulty reconnecting to the wifi upon reentering the home. Gfs Android phone for instance.

Roon’s Airplay integration was one of the first Oh Wow moments I had with the Roon software. Within 15 minutes of my initial install I was streaming to my Apple TVs. Slept all night to a playlist playing in the master bedroom that first night.

Don’t have much advice for you except a feeling that the fix is a simple one, if hidden. Do you have any other software running on the music server that uses/augments Airplay? Airfoil? Musicality? Perhaps another software is interfering with Roon’s access to Airplay.

Good luck with this.


Did you stop the sleep function in the AppleTV?

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have attempted to quit any app that might access Airplay, (Tidal and iTunes), but this made no difference to Roon and it still sees none of the Apple Tv’s.

I have to admit I’m jealous of your experience. I have an all Mac system, (computers, routers, Apple TV’s) and in the six months since I subscribed, I have never had the experience you’ve had. If this can’t be fixed there won’t be any point in renewing as the Tidal app and iTunes provide the same functionality that Roon does anyway for free.

Hey don’t give up yet. I noticed the long lag after your first report of this trouble and perhaps it was assumed the issue fixed itself. These Roon guys are like pitbulls with problems like these. Your setup is too straightforward for there to be some kind of deep program glitch.

I have a pair of Bose Soundlink Air Wireless speakers that only work on Airplay. Even these integrated with Roon easily. I created a Group so I could carry them around the house. I got the batteries for them so they were truly wireless. They’re for sale now on Craigslist.

The Airport Extremes - like most newer wifi routers - have the ability to create a separate 5GHz network. (Click advanced under the Wireless tab in the Airport Utility.) I had the single wifi Apple TV connected to that network. No issues. Right now I’m not using the extra 5GHz network. And regretting it every time I’m streaming and run the microwave oven.

There’s an app for your iPhone/iPad called Net Analyzer that you can use to scan your network. The free version will report the IP addresses of all your devices connected to the network. Maybe there’s a device on your network that’s connected and creating an IP conflict. Always good to run an audit on your home network from time to time just to identify what’s is using it.

Thinking about this…


Yes. No effect.

(Though if Roon can’t see Apple TV when it is on, I’m unclear why not letting it sleep matters.)

Thanks. I use an Apple Time Capsule, but I guess it’s not new enough to do what you suggest? I don’t see Advanced under the Wireless tab in Airport Utility.

I ran Network Analyzer and I see no unknown devices. That said, the app isn’t for non-geeks and lists ip addresses that are unlabeled with device names and I have no idea what they are.

Any lag between my first report was due to my assumption of an imminent response. Assuming that the issue fixed itself which negated the need for a response doesn’t really look good on Roon tech support. And given the time and effort–uploading log files multiple times–that has not resulted in a fix, Roon isn’t ready for average consumers yet. Unless you’re one of the admitted majority whose setup works correctly out of the gate. I’m just one of those that wasn’t as lucky.

The 5GHz wifi option is accessed via the Wireless Option button. Apologies for the bad directions: called it Advanced.

You are right about the appearance of poor tech support but my experience tells me yours is the exception, not the rule.

Those numerous IP addresses reported by Net Analyzer should equal the number of endpoints on your network. Network printers, tablets, smartphones with wifi, computers, and even Nest thermostats will each have their own IP. I found a few extras during my audit that puzzled me for a few days until I realized my gf’s wirless printer and a wifi equipped treadmill were on my home network.

It’s easier for me because of living in a house a quarter mile away from any neighbor’s wifi. Nevertheless, I keep my network secure-like yours.

I have my second airport extreme set to “Extend Wireless Network” so the airport closest to my modem is performing the DHCP duties of assigning IP addresses to the devices/endpoints in my network.

I mention all this because I think that it s worthwhile for you to reconcile the known devices in your network with the number reported by Net Analyzer. The individual addreses dont matter; they change as devices come and go. But the total number should equal each other.

Apple devices and apps are more forgiving of network anomalies than other makes. They “want” to work. I suspect there is something on your network either assigning DHCP addresses or not set up to let only one device assign them, the airport extreme. (My gf has a vonage account and I turned off its native DHCP server because it conflicted with my airport extreme. The network throughput greatly improved after that. Its a wonder things worked at all before I made that fix.)

Another suggestion is to isolate your network devices by shutting down everything except the Roon library server, the apple tvs, and your airport extreme.

Once isolated, Use itunes airplay to keep the apple tvs “awake” so they will appear on the Roon Audio setup screen.

Its worth the effort.

Best wishes,

Thanks, but wow. If that’s what it takes to get Roon to work, then I may not be the right customer for it. Since iTunes can see Apple TV’s without trouble, there really shouldn’t be a configuration issue that prevents Roon from seeing them. Not saying there isn’t, but if iTunes can do it without me doing all of that, then Roon should too. Especially given what they charge for the software.

(I did try. Went into the settings of my modem and router and tried to understand DHCP and port forwarding, but I really just want it to work and if messing with all that is what is required, then it’s just WAY more than I want to do as a civilian.)

I hear ya. For me, I had installed so many programs on my Mac Mini by the time I installed Roon I was fully prepared for a launch failure. Amazing how well it worked right away. (I am old enough to still be amazed how anything related to the internet works.)

Send a PM to Mike (see above in thread. Rereading the thread, He responded to someone else. Stay up in the radar.

I’ve had success with my issues using this forum though I have come to appreciate crowd-sourced support while kicking and screaming. ( yeah, I am old enough to remember a different kind of tech support.) I listen to music almost constantly and use the heck out of Roon, Tidal, and my library.

It is sweet to stream through the Apple TVs while photos etc are displayed onscreen. Relaxing music and the bare minimum of control gestures using the Apple tv remote. Something that a computer interface seems to irresistibly invite.

I hope you get this resolved. I remain convinced the fix will be a simple setting.

Stay in the radar and it will be fixed.

Best wishes,

I have two devices currently using AirPlay - and AppleTV and a Raspberry Pi running Volumio.

I have yet to see the AppleTV in the device list. Its parameters are: MC572LL/a running 6.2.1 with a manual IP ( and no device restrictions. It is hard wired into my network.

The Pi uses WiFi and DHCP. It is sometimes in the device list, sometimes not. I haven’t played with it enough to detect a pattern. My network is flat (Gb Ethernet) with all devices wired except for the Pi, a MacBook, an iPod and an iPad.

I played around with this on the weekend. The AppleTV is now visible at times. Roon seems to poll for devices when it starts up but does not seem to do so as agreesively when it’s running.

I would like to see the ability to manually configure end points (enter IP addresses) and have Roon actively poll these devices. That would likely clear up issues caused by an AppleTV being asleep when Roon goes looking for end points.

I have attempted to get Roon to see my AppleTVs multiple ways. No luck.

Yet iTunes sees them without trouble.

Disappointing that Roon can’t be as good as iTunes on this.

An update. I was playing an album through the Pi today without issue, however when the album end and I went to play something else, both the Pi and AppleTV were nowhere to be seen.

Quick update here for @SVinTO @pwright92 and others – we spent a good deal of time over the last few days looking into these reports, and we have logs from a number of users.

We have a few theories that we’re testing now, and we’re hoping to conclusively address this issue soon. As soon as I have some more news, I’ll let everyone know.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience. Stand by!

Appreciate the update. Hoping for a solution soon.

Any updates on the issue? My devices appear and disappear like a Cheshire Cat…

Yes, a number of bugs were reproduced and fixed for our next release. Coming soon!

Just to add to the user experiences on this one. I have quite a number of airplay compatible devices on my network, including an Apple TV.

The number of devices discovered by Roon never seems to exceed 2 out of about 6 available. Which particular 2 of them are found varies. I agree that most of the clients are not official Apple ones, but the one that is may or may not show up on any given day.

If a device does show up under Airplay, I can stream to it with decent reliability from Roon. I know there is a disclaimer about using non-Apple streaming clients with Airplay, but I seem to have issues with pure discoverability that are unique Roon (iTunes and other iOS and OS X clients always find them).

I tend to find that my ATV disappears from Roon when it goes into sleep mode.
I can’t get a CMD ping response from the unit either in this state. Seems a bit odd that the unit is in a bit of a deep sleep.

When I either bring the unit out of sleep with the remote control or change the setting to sleep = never then Roon always sees it.

Maybe worth checking whether your units are in sleep mode and if changing that makes any difference.

Thanks, sleeping is one possibility. I should try that for the Apple TV, although the other devices are certainly not sleeping.

I should point out that I’m consistently able to discover and browse all the AirTunes-capable endpoints in my house with tools such as Technet’s Network Analyzer on iOS, regardless of their sleep state. I.e., all appropriate devices are maintaining their multicast DNS service discovery presence on my network as my scans always find all of them.

I’ve also tried the same thing from my Mac using “dns-sd -B _raop._tcp” from the command line and all the devices are listed correctly.