Roon does not see my Marantz NT1200 (roon tested)

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on an intel NUC I5, 4GB DDR, 128GB SSD. RoonOS 1.0 build 227 (latest version)
On my Windows 10 laptop I have installed Roon version 1.8 build 831 (latest version)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

To my local wired neetwork are connected:

  • The intel NUC
  • windows 10 laptop

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz NR1200 (roon tested) connected to my local network by wire.

Number of Tracks in Library

11.000 tracks.

Description of Issue

My NR1200 just does not appear as an selectable endpoint.
No I read about someone having a same issue and was able to solve it by searching for his device manually. Can someone explain how to do this ?

I am assuming it is USB connected?
Does it play from Windows Audio without issue?
Does it require a Windows driver to work

I think “Roon tested” just means a DAC which is known to work well when connected (e.g. via its USB input) to a Roon endpoint, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a Roon endpoint in itself.

But if your Marantz is indeed a Roon endpoint , maybe you need to select a particular input for Roon to see it?

It only has airplay that can connect over the network other than that it needs usb or a digital connection

Activating Airplay on my NT1200 did the job. Thanks!


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