Roon does not seem to save the album version

I added a new album to Roon (Amon Duul - Hijack).

First of all, as mention in another thread, the album does not appear when I search for “hijack” (as I mentioned in another thread).

Something else that is happening - the album version wasn’t right, so I clicked on identify this album, chose the one that Roon had already picked, and then cycled through the versions until I found the correct one (Garden of Delights release). I click save. It takes me back the the Hijack album screen. However, it is still using the album version that had been selected before (Revisited version) and not the one I selected! Any thoughts?

Also, the main thing is it combines albums by Amon Düül and Amon Düül II, these are 2 different bands and should not be combined together and should be corrected to have their own artist page.