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After the last update sometimes Roon does not stop indexing. This only happens if i have added some musicfiles.

The number of tracks shown on the main page is incorrect. The last time is was about 37.000 tracks. Not all of the new added albums are shown at the recently added albums.

I can resolve this by restarting the Roon server. After that i have to wait some time before Roon is displaying the main page… the busy icon is shown. Sometimes i got the message that Roon is updating the database because a new upgrade was installed. I have not upgraded Roon only i have added some new albums.

After some time the main page is shown again and all the recently added albums are now shown. The number of tracks is now correct.

This behaviour is introduced since the last upgrade of Roon and has occur three times i have added some new albums. It does not occur every time i have i added some new albums. Everytime it has occured i have manually started the indexing.

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My Roon also does not stop indexing. 882 running on my Synology NAS.

Has been like this for hours:

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Have you tried to stop the Roon server and start it again?

Yup, the same issue persists after restarting. Will try again now.

I am having this problem also since the last update. Have restarted Roon to no effect (although it seems to get stuck on a different number each time I restart.) I do notice that when I restart Roon it briefly says something about this update needing a database update and then starts indexing and then gets stuck.


Same “behavior” here. After restart, indexing work, after some time same issue occurs.

After two times indexing does work properly (without a restart of the Roon server) indexing does not stop again.

I have noticed that for some time an album is added everytime Roon is indexing the files. Yesterday i noticed that the album was stored twice on my NAS. The content of the map and the name of the map was spelled the same except for the use of capitals (The Name Of The Game & The Name of the Game).

I removed one of the maps and maybe this was causing the problem but today Roon does not stop indexing again.

The files i’m indexing are stored on a Synology NAS

After 2 restarts I also managed to stay on a session that did not get stuck on indexing. Will update if it happens again.


This happend to me a couple of times. I have my files on a NAS, too. When the indexing doesn’t stop CPU/Network usage is goes down. So roon is not doing anything anymore. After restarting roon the files are indexed again and most of the time it works.

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