Roon doesn't connect to watched file on QNAP - SOLVED

**I solved this issue by amending the folder path to begin with “/share/.” I’m still unclear as to why this is suddenly required, but am happy Roon works again.

Recently installed a QNAP TVS-471 per Roon recommendation; upgraded from Synology DS416J, which worked without issue, but I wanted to run Roon Server on the NAS. All has worked since installation, until today when Roon Remote via MacBookPro states that the watched folder containing my music is not available or has been deleted. The folder and contents are intact and visible on Mac Finder and QNAP File Station, and new music appears in QNAP Music Station, but Roon will no longer connect to the folder. Roon does show TIDAL library contents. I am unable to add Watched Folders, neither network nor local. I have removed and reinstalled both the Roon Server and Roon Control.

I was away for two weeks and performed a remote firmware update. When I returned home, Roon was no longer connecting to established Watched Folders.

I am running Roon version 1.2, build 161. The server is run on the QNAP on SSD; music data files are stored on separate HDD within the NAS. Roon Control is run on my MacBook Pro with OSX 10.12.1. I’ve 3573 tracks in my library as of this writing (this number is taken from QNAP Music Station, representing data stored on the NAS, and does not include TIDAL library tracks).

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Good to hear, you could get it working again.

Even though I am still wondering how it could work before, as the ‘/share’ prefix should have been there from the start when using local folders on the QNAP…