Roon doesn't display consistently the 'in library' badge for albums

My Roon Core is updated to the recent stable build 846 on Ubuntu 20.04.3. Remote is on iMac, updated to stable build 831.

There has been a long-running problem with the inconsistent identification of albums which have been saved into the library and, in consequence, the inconsistent display of the ‘in library’ badge.

Here one confounding example:

  1. While listening to an album, Roon displays on the Home screen a ‘Similar Albums’ section. On this section, the displayed albums don’t show any badge apart from the ‘Tidal’ badge, and I can’t know for sure if any one of these albums is already in my library. I do know, though, that of the six albums displayed on the following example screenshot, three are in my library:

  1. If I click on any of the albums which are already part of my library, the album page once more doesn’t display the ‘in library’ badge. The album in fact is displayed as if it weren’t part of the library, including the ‘+’ button for adding it:

  1. Clicking on the artist name opens the artist’s page, and there the album in question is finally shown as part of the library:

  1. On the album display setup screen, the ‘in library’ badge is selected as to be shown:

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 10.29.04 PM

During the lifetime of version 1.8 this annoying bug has been present, I don’t remember if before in 1.7, too. I would appreciate this could be taken care of, and we could enjoy a consistent display of albums and badges and easily being able to identify albums already saved into the library.

Thank you.

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Attempt at interpretation with queries:

What was the entry point to this problem. When I select an artist that is also stored locally and not only at the music services, I get this image:

Above my albums and below other recommendations (only music services?). It looks perfect at first, what do the details show?

Mapping the variety of possibilities unerringly is complex, but certainly not impossible. What do I see in his discography?

I think with this entry point and example everything is perfect. Sometimes freshly added do not come immediately because they are still processing in my big database.

Now entry point My Qobuz:

looks good, but here

local is only shown in detail.

Hey @Andreas_Philipp1,

Thanks so much for the clear report. I’m only sorry we didn’t see it sooner.

I’ve taken it to our QA team and I’ll follow up as soon as I hear back :pray: