Roon doesn't load FLAC with .cue files or DSF files created from SACDs

Roon Core Machine

ASUS ROG motherboard, AMD 5900x, EVGA 3080 ti fw3 ultra, 32 gig RAM, 2 x Samsung 980 Pro 1 tb NVMe, 16 TB disk

Networking Gear & Setup Details

2.5 gbs cat6 → Asus RT-AX3000, Internet 250/25

Connected Audio Devices

USB to iFi Zen Signature DAC V2, s/pdif to Meridian stack, s/pdif to FiiO BTA30 Bluetooth HD DSP/DAC/App Controller, Wifi to FiiO M11 Pro

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon isn’t loading any FLAC files from my library that have been ripped using Accurip .cue format. It also isn’t loading some DSF files which I think are the ones ripped from SACDs. Is there some way to correct this short of ripping a lot of CD’s again?

Roon doesn’t use cue files, or iso files. I think there is software to split these files without needing to rip them again.

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