Roon doesn't recognize endpoint until Core reboot

I have needed to shut down my core because I have needed to restart my PC. I’ve been testing an endpoint and the PC won’t recognise it if I just plug it in via USB - I have to restart the PC and then it recognises it.

I takes 1-2 minutes, so no biggie. Just a hassle when I am trying to A-B test components which require a PC and therefore Roon restart.

My audio PC is:

i7-4770T (not an i5 sorry!)
Asus Gryphon Z97 mobo
Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD
Crucial DDR3 8GB RAM

The music is on a NAS which connects to the audio PC via ethernet cable. Around 9500 albums, mainly FLAC. The PC is powered by an HDPLEX PSU and has an SOTM tx-USB card and SATA power filter.

Hardware specs look ok to me … though I found going from 8GB to 16GB helped with overall performance of my Windows 10 PC … (though I do have larger library). I think it still might be worth monitoring memory usage when Roon is starting up… but I suspect the “bottleneck” is pulling the file information of the NAS itself.

I guess you could explore why you have to reboot when changing endpoints (which seems to be the root of the problem) is it possible to hook up both at the sametime and have multiple zones?

Thanks Carl. It might be possible to hook up both as separate endpoints, but as it’s just a bit of kit I’m testing I don’t fancy going to all that hassle! I was thinking about upgrading some aspects of the PC or swapping it for a different one if I go to a 2-unit setup, as it struggles with anything higher that DSD64 when the convolution filters are turned on.

Hi @extracampine,

I have split your posts into it’s own thread so that we can take a closer look at why the endpoint is not being recognized by Roon.

Can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of the endpoint that is not being recognized? Does it show up at all in Roon Settings -> Audio? How is the endpoint being connected, via USB?

Thanks noris. Currently my core is running on an i7 PC, which also acts as the endpoint. The audio is sent out via an SOTM tx-usbexp card, which is then connected to my Lampizator DAC via USB cable. It shows in settings/audio, but if I unplug the USB from the computer (including by ejecting the device first) then plug it back in again, it is not recognised in Roon. It is not recognised in Windows either I think - the USB icon doesn’t appear in the taskbar.

Hi @extracampine,

Have you tried a different USB cable for the DAC yet? Are you using the latest drivers (if applicable)?

Thanks @noris. I haven’t tried another USB cable yet, though was looking into trying a different one, if only to see if there are any differences in SQ. I believe that I am using the latest drivers. I am thinking that the issue might be that I am using an SoTM tx-usbexp card.

Hi @extracampine,

Is the behavior the same if you try bypassing the SoTM tx-usbexp card and plug the DAC directly in via a regular USB port?

Sorry for the delay in my reply. I have swapped the usb-txexp for an SMS-200 so no longer have the issue. Thanks anyway!

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