Roon doesn't see Auralic Altair

I’ve connected my Altair via wire to my WIFI router. The Lightning DS connects to the Altair no problem. The Roon app however doesn’t see the Altair. The switch for Roon in the settings is on… Any idea?

How is the machine running Roon Core connected to the LAN?
If via WiFi it may be a multicast issue / setting within the router, try connecting hardwired as a test.

it is connected hardwired… now, wifi didn’t work neither…

Any ports I have to “forward” in the Wireless router for Roon to identify the Altair?


Roon uses multicast packets to find RAAT devices, some routers aggressively filter this packets which causes device discover issues, but typically this only affects WiFi connected devices. One way to rule out your router is to connect both the Auralic Altair and the computer running Roon to a network switch rather than directly to the router (the switch would then be connected to the router to complete the hookup on to your LAN).

You mentioned port forwarding, are you running more than one subnet on your LAN?

I’m not familiar with the Altair so I can’t offer any specific advice about that, maybe @support or another Altair user on here could help.

In the meantime in order for @support to accurate evaluate this issue, they will need to gather a bit more data from you.

Could you kindly please expand on the details of your setup as seen here. The more specific you can be, the better esp.

I have a probably really stupid question now:
So far I was expecting that the Auralic Altair is the Roon Core - since it has an SSD drive in it. Is this what it is or do i have to use the PC or NAS as the Core and the Altair is “only” the “output device”? Which would turn the SSD kinda useless in a Roon environment…

That’s the point. Roon Core has to run on a PC or NAS (you can put the SSD in there :-))to provide its server function.

There we go. This is a pitty - using the Altair as the Core as well would be incredibly neat, maybe the database would kill the processor and keep it from playing the music though.

So, but, I could still use the SSD as the storage and link the Core to that network drive. I hope this would not send the files from the Altair to the NAS and back to the Altair during play - ideally the Setup would realize that the files are already there and play them “internally”… :worried:

You can find the proper how2 on the Roon HP where and how to setup the Roon Core.

To use the internal HDD of the Altair is not supported.

Thanks for the link.
I have the Altair internal SSD linked as a network drive to my computer.
I guess as such I can point Roon back to it like any other network drive!?
I’ll have a try tonight…

Yes that could work if the network drives letter keeps the same always :slight_smile:

But to attach or build in the SSD in your computer on which Roon Core runs (if you do not have a NAS) would be the preferable way though.

If you connect the SSD to the computer by USB (not internally) also make shure it always gets the same drive letter (could change after reattaching so in Windows you can link a fixed drive letter to it).

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I’ll try a few things out. Having to have an extra core machine running is a draw-back.
So far my turntable is still my best friend…


  • through assigning a fixed IP to the Auralic the network drive is consistently detected
  • the drive can be added to Roon as source
  • ran this through the PC as Roon core as a test
  • works and the app tells me the quality is highest…

I guess, if I buy into Roon, running the core on a dedicated Synology NAS with a small SSD drive is smoothest.

I guess I’ll leave the SSD in the Auralic for it to be able to also operate stand-alone.

I’ll have to understand if the music is actually trafficking back and forth using Roon but that’s a kinda “cosmetical” issue, isn’t it?

[quote=“mammagamma, post:13, topic:16224”]
I’ll have to understand if the music is actually trafficking back and forth using Roon but that’s a kinda “cosmetical” issue, isn’t it?

Short answer is yes. It is always the Roon Core that reads the audio files and then streams the audio to the required endpoint(s).

So in this case with a PC running Roon Core and the Auralic Altair being use for both a store and audio endpoint … the Roon Core would access the audio files via the network and then stream the audio back to Altair again using the network. It’s not really a problem provided the Auralic device has enough network performance to handle the flows. Though I’d not recommend it if the device was not hardwired to the LAN.