Roon doesn't see either Ultrarendu or Metrum Acoustics Ambre on the network

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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Core Machine Mac Mini

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Synology NAS DS 416play attached to Asus Router and Motorola Modem

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/ect.)

Metrum Acoustics Ambre (with Metrum Onyx), Sonore Ultrarendu (With Schiit Yggdrasil). Iphone

Description Of Issue

Since last weekend, Roon does not seem to see either my Metrum Ambre or my Ultrarendu as endpoints, and I wonder why. There has been some storage issues on my Synology NAS which I am currently sorting out (It got almost full through MacBook Pro Time Machine Backups, so I stopped the time Machine Backups hoping to delete some of the old backups to free up space in the NAS… However, I got lazy about it, although it has worked fine, nonetheless, until last week, when I realized my Ambre wouldn’t connect to the NAS nor get picked up by Roon. I no longer see it inside Roon as an Audio zone/endpoint, nor do I see my Ultrarendu renderer as an audio zone/endpoint in Roon.

I thought it was because of the NAS (and maybe it still is), however, the odd thing is that Roon seems to see the itunes Music files on the NAS. I can also play those files in itunes… Finally Roon on my iphone plays files that are stored on the NAS alright, so somehow, it is only the Ultrarendu, and the Metrum Ambre that Roon is no longer seeing as audio zones or endpoints. Any helpful troubleshooting instructions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @sahmen,

How are these devices connected to the network? Are they connected via Ethernet to the main router or are there any switches / other networking hardware involved? Can you confirm how the Mac Mini Core is connected as well?

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting the Core machine and your networking hardware?


(Patrick Mensah) #4

All three are connected via ethernet to the router. I have not tried any rebooting the core machine or the networking hardware.

(Dylan Caudill) #5

Hi @sahmen,

I’d definitely recommend starting by rebooting the Core machine, endpoints, and your networking hardware and see if that yields any changes here.

Are you able to play to these endpoints over the network from outside of Roon?

(Patrick Mensah) #6

I have been distracted by work constraints, and haven’t had time to deal fully with this problem (although I do confess that it has presented me with a kind of confusion which makes it hard for me to understand exactly what problem I am dealing with), but I sent an inquiry about the Ambre’s behavior to Anjo de Heus of Metrum Acoustics and he sent me the reply below, which I thought I should share:

“As for the Ambre, this is a typical update issue. There has been a change in Roon, causing the Ambre not to update immediately. Both Sunder and Maria do have a little explaination on how to resolve. I am pinging them so you can continue to enjoy your ambre!”

I only heard from Anjo yesterday, so I have not heard the solution they’re proposing for this problem yet, but I thought I should share this.

In the meantime, I have got my NAS back in working order, and Roon on my Macbook Pro (serving both as remote and endpoint) can see and play tracks from the NAS normally, in the same way as it does from Tidal and Qobuz. What remains a little strange, is that Roon can’t see either the Ultrarendu or the Metrum Ambre on the network, although the same Macbook pro I have just referred to can at least see the Ultrarendu in its networking menu.

When I get a chance, I am going to try the rebooting of the roon core machine (which is a Mac mini) you have suggested, and attempt a reboot of the network system too (i.e. modem and router, if that is what you mean), and see how that shakes out.

I shall report back when I am done, but if you think of something else after reading his message, please do share. Thanks.

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Okay, I’m still waiting for the Metrum folks to send me whatever remedies they deem necessary, but somehow, I think the problem might be on my particular home network, although I can’t seem to recognize what it is.

I have done the reboot of the network modem and router and also the Roon core home computer (Mac mini)… I can now access my roon endpoints on all devices (including my Mac book pro, iphone, ipads, chromecast on my nvidia shield TV, and my Oppo 203, Logitech Squeezebox Touch ; Roon sees them all in my list of Audio players), with the exception of the Ultrarendu and the Metrum Ambre.

Roon does not see the Sonore Ultrarendu, although the MacBook pro with Roon from which I control all my Roon endpoints sees the Ultrarendu okay. In fact I just reconfigured and rebooted the Ultrarendu as my Roon endpoint on the same Mac. The reconfiguration went smoothly, but still no luck seeing the Ultrarendu in Roon. I can also see the Ultrarendu in my router’s interface as a DHCP client. So I do not know why Roon can’t see it. I will appreciate any help I can get.

Lastly, Roon can’t see the Metrum Ambre either, and I suspect the problem is probably the same one that is preventing Roon from seeing the Ultrarendu, although the Rendu is a renderer, whereas the Ambre is called a bridge. I do not see the ambre in the network interface of my MacBook pro, in the same way I see the rendu, but I do not know whether I am supposed to see it (the Ambre), since it is not the same as the Rendu._

Again, your assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

(Patrick Mensah) #8

And the answer to this question is yes:

Are you able to play to these endpoints over the network from outside of Roon?

The exception is of course the Ambre and the Ultrarendu which are both exclusively tied to Roon on my network.


(Dylan Caudill) #9

Hi @sahmen,

If you temporarily use the MacBook Pro as a Core machine rather than just a remote device do things work as expected?

Additionally, if you use an app like Fing that scans the network, can you confirm that the Ultrarendu and the Metrum are both on the same subnet as the Core machine?

(Patrick Mensah) #10

Some good news here : Roon can now see the Ultrarendu. What I did differently was replace my stello U3 USB to AES unit that was interfacing the Ultrarendu and my Schiit Yggdrasil with the Schiit Eitr. The Stello U3 used to work fine in that position previously, and I do not know what happened to make it stop working. The Schiit Eitr has restored things to normal, and now roon sees and plays through the Ultrarendu normally… I did not have to change the home of the Roon core… That still remains the mac mini. Happy about that, even though I am curious to know what’s up with the Stello U3

The only remaining problem is the Ambre, and how to get Roon to see it again, Metrum promised to send a solution, but they’ve gone silent.

By the way I cannot use Fing on my macs, but I can use Lanscan, and it let’s me see the ultrarendu okay on the subnet, but not the Ambre.

Do you think it is still worth using my Mac book pro as the Roon core in order to find out whether the Ambre will start working again? I would like to have my Ambre working again, because it often sounds like the best performing network player I have when it is working normally.

(Dylan Caudill) #11

Hi @sahmen,

Since the Ambre isn’t seen on the network at all, I don’t think changing the Core machine will likely change anything here.

Have you tried using a different cable to connect the Ambre?

(Patrick Mensah) #12

This problem is now solved : It was not the ethernet cable. Metrum sent me a replacement SD card, and the Ambre started working normally as soon as I replaced the old card. I wonder what happened with that older card. I do not know how to update the software on the card, because Metrum do not give any instructions for such updates.

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