Roon doesn't see my external hard drive

After update, 3.1 build 269, Roon no longer sees my external hard drive, it doesn’t appear in storage settings even though its on my desktop, Audirvana + and iTunes can both see it and access files stored on it. I also think the update maybe responsible for some strange behaviour my iMac started exhibiting around the same time such as highlighting of items/options in menu drop down boxes flickering between options when trying to select one, system sound effects randomly sounding and continuing until I switch it off inSystem Preferences and others, these behaviours are all random.

Roon 1,3 build 269
27" iMac (late 2012),
2.9 GHZ i5, 16g ram
macos High Sierra V.10.13
2TB Lacie Minimus USB 3 external hard drive
7,810 tracks,

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