Roon doesn't see Squeezebox Radio or Oppo Sonica

Roon Core on NUC i7 version 1.7 build 571

Ethernet (Netgear, gigabit), WiFi6 (ASUS)

NUC to DAC via USB to stereo
iPad control via Wifi
PC control and output via ethernet
AppleTV via WiFi
Squeezebox Radio via ethernet or Wifi
Oppo Sonica via ethernet or Wifi

Description Of Issue

I’m a new Roon user. I’m enjoying roon on my main stereo system from the NUC controlled by an iPad. Roon does not see either Squeezebox Radio or Oppo Sonica when connected to my router by Ethernet or by WiFi but does see my other devices. No LMS running anywhere and factor reset on Squeezebox and Oppo. I have IP addresses for each device on my network.

I read that I can manually enter in the IP address of a device on my network - where can I do that?

What other steps to try?

Sonica will only be seen as Airplay and must be on the same network segments

Below the Sonica Airplay zone is a DAC, the other 2 are Sonica Speakers - all are on wifi.

Thanks for this, I understand now that Sonica can play via AirPlay. Can I connect Sonica to Roon via Airplay without using the Sonica App? I’ve used the Sonica App when using my iPad to stream to the Sonica over WiFI. Currently my Sonica is not showing up in Airplay.

Is it on the same network segment?

Hi @Malleus,

What do you see under Roon Settings -> Audio?
Can you please share a screenshot?

Are you using ROCK on the NUC or do you have another Operating System installed?

Do you have the squeeze box option turned on in roon settings? Then you need to setup the squeeezebox device to use the roon LMS server iirc

Yes ROCK on the NUC, no other operating system

Yes, squeeze box option is turned on in roon settings

Update: I learned to point the Squeezebox to the remote library and I entered my NUC IP address. Squeezebox device now lists “Roon Optimized Core Kit” as the library. Back to Roon: Squeezebox is now listed as a device which I enabled. Now Squeezebox is one of my zones. I can stream music to the Squeezebox BUT the file does not play - the counter remains at 0:00 for about 2 seconds and then jumps down to the next file in the music queue. So no music from the Squezebox, but I think we are close.

Update on the SONICA: I now have SONICA via Airplay enabled on my ROON and now SONICA is one of my zones. I can queue music files to the SONICA and it appears to be streaming, the timer counts down as a individual music files plays but no music comes out of the SONICA.


Do any of the zones play ok? What is showing in the signal path when these zones are playing? Are you trying to play dsd to them or some other formats?

Also what are the audio settings setup for

My primary zone (ROON CORE on NUC to DAC to my home stereo controlled by my iPad works. My library is all CDs ripped to FLAC so signal path is pretty clean.

Or I can output to my iPad

So here’s a hint on why the SQeezebox zone does not work. Look at the signal path, Source to Squeezebox but no ROON. Strange I can visualize that on my ROON app!

Which audio settings are you wondering about?

under roon settings audio for those 2 zones

Hi @Malleus,

Is the behavior the same if you try rebooting your Core, networking gear and affected audio zones?

What’s working great:
NUC i7 via USB to my DAC/stereo controlled by roon app on my iPad. With this setup, I can access a large library of ripped CDs into FLAC. I’ve never had trouble with this arrangement and I’m using Roon routinely through my home stereo system. I also have a zone to Apple TV and my kids iPads.

Today Squeezebox is an audio zone. I can stream to it, and I get music out, fantastic. I rebooted CORE, networking gear, and zones - now Squeezebox works. It’s still a little strange that Squeezebox is one of my zones and when I look at the stream path to Squeezebox, Roon is not included as it is on other zones. Whatever, it works. Today my Sonos Speaker is on my network, recognized by roon, and output my music, success!

So several zones work well on my ethernet/Wifi system using roon core in the NUC.

What’s not working:
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit PC via Ethernet to NUC - every time I launch Roon on PC (using 32 bit or 64 bit download), Roon freezes after the details of my library are listed and some recent albums brought into Roon but no album covers are shown. Roon CORE is on my NUC and I just want to use a Windows 10 PC for control and output. I don’t want or need a second CORE, just the CORE on the NUC. I updated my PC’s video driver. I’ve shared my logs with Roon support. I confirmed my firewall gives permission to roon.exe and raat and also turned off firewall temporarily. I loaded same same windows 64 bit app on a windows 10 laptop as control and output, that laptop works great, ROON does not freeze on launch. Just the Win 10 PC.

What are the hardware specifics of the pc with issues? Could be several issues, ram issue perhaps, graphics also possible.

Yes it seems an issue specific to this PC as I installed Roon on a Windows 10 PC laptop without any issues.

With your suggestion, I’ve found the likely error, I have a large ASUS HD monitor running off the Intel HD4000 on an older CPU and this monitor is not compatible with my NVIDIA GTX 670 graphics card. Problem solved, I consider this issue closed. Thank you Noris and wizardofoz!


That’s fantastic news @Malleus, glad that you got all of the issues sorted out and are not enjoying Roon!
If you run into any other issues, just let us know, and we can take a look. Hope you enjoy the music :headphones:!

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