Roon doesnt shows the covers of albums

Core Machine running win10 Optimizer with AO and Fidelizer pro. This Machine Runs as Roon Server.

Switch Gigaethernet TP-LINK.

Allo UsBridge running Roon Bridge and Diet Pi

For remote I use Windows 10 laptop.

I has to clean up myn librery and remover manually Many albums. The problem is that too many art and albums covers are not displayed anymore and the same happens with Many Tidal albums

Also it is not possible to edit the image using the browse tool.

Any help?@support

Hi @wilfredo_sanchez,

Can you please clarify what exactly you mean by this? Are the albums appearing as having a black artwork image or no image? Can you share a few screenshots if possible? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this site. Does rebooting your Core + Remote change anything with regards to the issue?


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