Roon don't play throught antipodes server

Hello ,

I installed latest version of Roon on my Surface book (Windows 10) and my Antipodes DX 2. Roon displays all tracks from the Antipodes. I can play a any track but only throught my Surface Book. Roon don’t display the Antipodes server into the Audio Zone. On the Antipodes server, Roon Server is “Active”. I use a Dragonfly DAC from the USB connector.
From my SurfaceBook I would like manage the tracks stored into the Antipodes server (That’s seems OK) then play them through the Antipodes USB connector

Could you help me for this last point ?
Many thanks

It’s best to contact Antipodes, they have very good support.

Hi @Gilbert_Guimmarra – can you tell us what device is connected to the USB port?

cc: @Tony_Devitt

Email conversation started offline (of Roon community) with @Gilbert_Guimmarra.


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