Roon downsampling DSD256 to 128 though Linn DSM supports 256

I am away from my my DSM for a while😭. Did they fix this in 2.0?

Nope. :frowning:

Have Linn submitted the latest KDSM for Roon testing yet? That’s probably the problem.

If so, Roon @support should have said something about it this in this thread?

I asked about this in the Linn development forum, and according to Linn, all is in place on their side.

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This was my understanding as well.

If I remember correctly, someone in Roon support said that it was their work item now.

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Slightly off-topic, but…

With Organik, DSD is irrelevant IMO. The new board does so well with something as basic as 16/44.1, that I find High-Res/DSD irrelevant now.


I think DSD is less important with any DAC, but it is still not an excuse to skip supporting it, and another issue which I think is very critical is not supporting the Linn Organik 384/24 sampling rate.