Roon drives me Nuts with dropouts

i am about to go insane, i haven’t heard a song from start to finished since i bought the damn thing. (yeah i have had a couple of good hours without droputs, but thats it)

i think Roon is the ■■■■ om paper, it does everything i want it to do, but in real life it dosn`t work. i have wasted countless hours online with people with similar problems and Roon are asking all the right questions, make you do all kinds of tests that only proofs that they haven’t tested it themself, and avoiding the real problem they most likely know they cant fix. its too bad because roon seamed to be the solution to all my multi room dreams!but that is not the case, i feel like a paying guinea pig.

i opted for the lifetime subscription of never completing a song.

i have a simple setup, but that shuld not be a problem. i have:
-clean install mac mini server with ronly roon server installed
-mac mini wired to my local network

i have 3 airport Extreme within 3 meters of 3 Raspberry pi4 over 5GHz Wi and i read tx rate of 800 or more close by with my laptop. for gods sake i can watch HD movies… why cant i listen to a got damn song.

the thing is, it is not consistent. i have tried enabeling/disabeling DSP and gotten some good listening time, but suddenly it starts dropping out again.
the bottom line is: every time i think i have fixed it it last some hours then the problem come back.

So far it have cost me thousands og dollars in investments and weeks of painstaking searching online for solutions…

this program is not ready for the masses and you end up paying $699.99 to be a part of their guinea pig beta research

im so got damnd frustrated

Hello @Morten_Venli,

This definitely isn’t the kind of experience we’re trying to deliver. Roon is supposed to be a fun and engaging way to listen to your music, not a source of frustration.

We go to great lengths to ensure that Roon runs on a variety of devices and in differing environments. As a result, the large majority of users do not run into issues like the ones you’re describing.

That said, we’re confident we can figure out what’s going on in your system and get you back to enjoying Roon and music around your home.

Let’s get started by getting the basics down:

A) What DAC’s do you have attached to your Raspberry Pi’s?
B) When you experience the dropouts, are they accompanied with error messages in Roon or does playback continue uninterrupted?
C) If you play to the “System Output” zone on another Mac or PC in your home, do you hear the same dropouts you hear on the Raspberry Pi’s?

Can you note the exact local time, date, and the currently playing track title when this issue next occurs? I’ve also enabled diagnostics mode for your account, this will allow us to request logging from your Roon Core for analysis.


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First off, sorry about my rant, my jar was full and thank you for getting back to me so quickly, after all its christmas time,

A) i have Hifiberry DAC+ on every PI (i have 3 peieces of Pi4 with dac+)
B) give me a sec, i just start a tune…this time it is: TIDAL media is loading slowly. etc etc. gives me 91.17 download and 96.07 upload speed over fiber. and wifi gets me 867 Mbps close by the PI`s with my laptop.
C)22:23 Dropout: Tidal media is loading slowly… ps: when i play in tidal app this is not a problem. 22:28 - dropout 22:28 dropout 2 etc. etc.
it is so far no dropouts when i play to “system Output”

Screenshot 2020-12-27 at 22.11.18

Just before and just after dropout
so its clearly a problem when there is a multiroom setup

Hello @Morten_Venli,

It looks like our support servers are having difficulty establishing a connection with your Roon Core.

Please manually send over a copy of your Roon Logs by using these instructions? The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service please let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.


Sorry jim, but why join in if you don’t have any real information?, post like this only flood real discussions with nonsense! i dont care if it works with most users, it dosnt work for me and what i can see out of forums it dosnt work for every user! and im not abot to spend more money on a perfectly working network to stream some music when i can stream HD Music Videos without any problems outside Roon…

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He was just pointing out the appropriate channel to post in to get you the best help possible. I know you’re upset, but maybe some deep breaths and a ten count before responding to people? :wink:

I’m sorry Jim, John is right… im ranting… and i am real frustrated, and i really didn’t mean to take it out on you Jim!!!

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I was telling you how to get help for your issue. Roon works for most people. They have over 100,000 customers.

This is worth a look:

In particular:

Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.

In this case, it would seem that the blame belongs with Apple, not Roon Labs.


I got berated for telling him that.


Sorry Jim!!!

anyways ,… just to poke… in my mind ,sound uses a certain amount of bandwidth, that should not be constraint to what the brand is on the gear?.. for me bandwidth is bandwidth, is that wrong? iif i have to change my gear to make it work they should mentioned that in the checkout.

Roon support will take a look. They have data. We’re just speculating.

That is true, but Roon uses a LOT of bandwidth. Streaming to your endpoint isn’t really the hard part. Roon is maintaining a database, fetching a lot of information from the internet for all the pages you are viewing, it could be analyzing/ingesting a new library which is very CPU intensive and will also require data. Then it is dealing with spewing music to various endpoints (each it’s own music stream, maybe with DSP, and perhaps to different transmission protocols).
So, it is a real horse compared to almost anything else you are likely to have running at your house, including TVs.
Once the flaw is found you should expect a virtually flawless experience.

Morten, just out of curiosity;
What Mac are you using, and how do you pull audio out of it? (I have never seen Universal Audio Thunderbolt previously) And, do you really need to use DSP volume? As you can see, it’s a “green dot”, meaning compromised audio quality.
Also, do you experience dropouts if playing only to one of your Pi’s?

Hi Mikael,

  • Mac mini for Roon Server and audio library on wired network
  • Mac Pro with Universal Audio apollo 8, with Genelec 8250A SAM monitors & 7260A Sam sub.
    I like to be able to adjust volume remotely from my ipad and then i need the DSP volume? i tried fixed and device volume but then i cant adjust volume from my ipad.

i will try one PI at a time when the dropouts start again. Roon have been nice with me so far today :slight_smile:

i might bite the bullet and change out my Airport extremes, i have 3 of them so it feel a bit “Extreme” to change them out. I will read David_Snyder`s link so i dont buy the wrong devices.

thank you for all support and suggestions even tough i was a bit upset yesterday…

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It seams that i should identify my Apollo 8 in audio setup to get around having to use DSP volume, anyone have a tip on what i should set this Apollo 8 up as? could i use a product in the list to get started?

Apollo 8 is a Audio interface with DSP over thunderbolt.


I have a strong feeling that your Mac Mini is the issue. I am experiencing the same drop outs you are, and I have seen other posts on this forum where people with Mac Minis are experiencing drop outs.
There are however a lot of people that have Minis running without issues, but still…

Hope you solve your issues since the solution may be what helps me as well…

Thanks Morten, i’m not sure how you could avoid using DSP volume like this. And, i do use Mac’s in various parts of my Roon setup, but i have never used a Thunderbolt audio device.

Please tell, what kind of Mac Mini are you using as Core?

And, please report back if you can re-create the issues using only the Apollo 8, or one of the RasPi’s…
I’m not sure here, whether to suspect the Thunderbolt audio interface or your wireless network as the culprit. But rest assured, Roon works just fine when the “wrinkles” are sorted! :slight_smile:

It’s also not clear if your library import is complete. The analysis phase can be long and very CPU intensive. It depends on how many albums are imported

If unsure check Settings Library Background Audio Analysis

Also what spec on the server ? Ram etc

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