Roon dropping out losing speaker, running when quit

I have a consistent and annoying problem with Roon. Running on 2021 M1 iMac, OS 12.6.2, 16Gb RAM. Roon will stream to my bluetooth speaker (Bose Soundlink Mini) quite happily until I stop the music but leave Roon open for any period of time. When I click to play another track/album/whatever Roon suddenly starts dropping out as soon as I click play. Sometimes it completely loses the endpoint. Restarting Roon makes no difference. Often if I quit Roon and leave it shutdown the music will start playing if its own accord even though Roon has been shut down. This is, frankly, bizarre.

For your actual issue with the dropout, I have moved this topic to Support.

This is because the Roon server runs independently from the GUI and you probably shut down only the GUI. Since the last update a month ago this is the default configuration.

The server is controlled from the Mac menu bar

You can learn more about this update here

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