Roon drops out and is garbled using new Mac Mini as Core

Roon Core Machine

New Mac Mini (M1, 2020)
8 GB Memory
macOS Big Sur version 11.4

Networking Gear & Setup Details

AirPort Extreme
Have tried connecting Mac Mini via Ethernet and Wifi with similar results

Connected Audio Devices

Two Bluesound NODE 2 and one Bluesound POWERNODE 2 connected via Wifi

Library Size

11,000 tracks stored on QNAP but primary music source is Qobuz

Description of Issue

Music is garbled and cuts out whether the Core is connected via ethernet to Apple AirPort Extreme or Wifi. Music plays fine when I just use the Bluesound devices without using Roon. Since I am having the issue whether I play from my library or from Qobuz you probably don’t need to know that my internet is Fios so I get very good internet performance.
The distance between the MacMini and the 3 Bluesound devices is not more than 30 feet max.

Hi John,

Not official support. The Apple Airport Extremes is mentioned in Roon’s Network Best Practices FAQ:

Applicable Excerpt from above FAQ here:

Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.