Roon Dynamic Range Useless

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Latest version of Roon core on my MacBook Pro

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Wired Ethernet.

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Description Of Issue
I have Dynamic Range software that prior to Roon I’ve used to determine the DR for thousands of albums. This software does not rely upon an online database, it actually analyzes each individual track, a process that takes 30 seconds or so depending upon file size.

With literally thousands of albums done this way, I can state that the Roon dynamic range feature is inaccurate at least 80% of the time to the point of being a useless feather. Not a little off, but way way off.

It would be nice to have a much more accurate dynamic range measurement done by Roon itself.

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Roon uses a different kind of measurement for DR, assuming you were using the Loudness-War database

Please have a look here:

Thanks for the link. I use software that actually analyzes the tracks itself, it doesn’t rely upon any database. Roon’s DR results are way way off.

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So does Roon. And from the link that @Oliver_Pix posted,
Roon's dynamic range calculation is done based on R128 standards

Perhaps this is a different standard from the one you use?

Hi @DancingSea,

Can you provide an example of where Roon differs from this other software? Can you share screenshots of both so we can take a look? Can you confirm what software you’re using to compare against Roon as well?

I’ve since read more. Yes, I’m accustomed to the normal DR rating, not the R128 method. With the R128 method, what is considered a great rating?

With the DR method I consider 10 to be the bare minimum, and anything over 14 to be great. How does that translate into Roon’s system?


Life isn’t so simple. Here’s a good thread with lots of viewpoints.

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Very interesting. Is it safe to say that in Roon, a higher DR number is still “better”? I realize DR is only one factor on recording quality.

Another question would be, without trying to compare the two systems, what is considered a “good” and a “very good” Roon DR? In one’s specific opinion, doesn’t have to be universally definitive.

Good questions. Unfortunately, in the words of a song
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Tommy Steele - What Do You Do (1958)
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PS it was a fun film at the time with some decent songs - Lionel Bart

It would nice if Roon would also support DR from the loudness wars database since this has a huge library.

Is it possible to add the metadata tags supplied by an external program to the Roon detail track information display?

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There is information in the Roon Knowledge Base here:

Since the DR database is the largest collection of data, it would be nice to include that metric as well.

Is it possible to add the metadata tags supplied by an external program to the Roon detail track information display?



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