Roon end points

How can I set up my Onkyo PR-SC5508 AV PrePro and/or Onkyo BDP-105D blu-ray player as a roon end point to take advantage of my Nucleus library in my home theater? All three components are ethernet connected to my network but the only roon end point currently is my PS Audio Direct Stream Jr. in my 2-channel system…

Do you need to be able to play the same music to multiple endpoints at once? If not, maybe for the Onkyo PR-SC5508 consider connecting a Google Chromecast to one of the HDMI ports? Even though it’s been discontinued you could maybe even pickup a Chromecast Audio on eBay.

As for the Bluray player, by any chance did you mean OPPO BDP-105D? If so, I think I read somewhere that the OPPOs can work as a Roon endpoint.

You can still find plenty of chromecast audio pucks on eBay for $50 or so.
Best bang for the buck going to make just about anything a Roon endpoint.
I have three of them and only one uses the mini toslink to connect to my ht processor.
The other two I just use a 3.5mm to twin rca to connect to old school receivers.
So easy it’s silly…:innocent:

Does the Onkyo have a USB input, the square printer one

If so maybe consider a RPi then USB to pre amp

Load Roipeee as Roon Bridge software

If only coax consider an Allo Digione HAT

The PR-SC5508 is too elderly to get AirPlay or Chromecast. If it has HDMI then possibly direct connection to your core might work. The Oppo? 105D was never Roon Ready. It does have asynchronous USB so a Raspberry Pi running Ropieee should work OK into that. Finally an add on module like the Primare NP5 is specifically designed to add modern streaming capability to legacy receivers, including Roon.

Nothing is too old for chromecast audio as long as it has a pair of analog RCA input spare.
That’s how it runs into my 70,s Sansui receiver.
You set up the chromecast with Google home if Roon does not automatically see it.

I’m talking about being a function of the device, not a bolt on addition. I thought Chromecast was pretty good on Primare hardware but I’ve not used or heard the pucks so can’t objectively comment.

Got you!

I am very impressed with the simplicity, functionality and the actual SQ of the Audio pucks, no idea on the regular Chromecast units though.

I actually have 4 of them as they are no longer in production ( crazy Google decision) I bought another as a spare just in case one bows out down the road.

Thanks all for your informative and helpful inputs - much appreciated!
Since both my Onkyo and Oppo units are more than a bit long in the tooth, I think my best course of action, one that would avoid introducing additional hookup complexity (and noise potential) would be to get a new AV PrePro that is Roon ready. Before I start researching the market, any advice from any of you on a good choice?

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While I’m waiting for informed suggestions for a new AV PrePro from you all, I did some experimenting with my existing equipment. I hooked up the HDMI B output on my Nucleus to the HDMI input on my Oppo BDP-105D, and let the Oppo DAC send the analog signal via balanced XLR to the old Onkyo and viola, it works! And I can use two end points at the same time, the home theater system as configured above, and my dedicated 2-channel main system. Happy for now, but still need to look for a new AV PrePro.


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